Watermelon Booty, Me In A Bikini, Etc..

Hi there pretty bits of oats.
So I started this post out with the full intent of doing the usual "Awkward & Awesome" thing.
That was until I had a much better idea.
{Thank you brain, as much as I complain about you--you really can be a gem sometimes}

you are most likely squirming in your pants in anticipation about why my post is titled what it is.
While I am sure you had high hopes of me spilling my guts about how I got butt implants that now make my booty look like a watermelon is packed in the back
{think Kim Kardashian for a moment}
that is not the case.
Waaaaaah I know.

However, I am here to display a nice picture of me in a bikini.
I would never do that.
Ya, totally wouldn't do that.
{Thank you photographer for being just far enough away that you can't actually see the wobbly mess}

So what am I actually getting at right?
Apparently if you are on Google and search for things such as
 "Watermelon Booty"
 "Me in a bikini"
and several others including but not limited to:
 "full coverage panties for dancing"
"day in the life of an elementary school counselor"
"strange facial expressions photos"
you will stumble your way onto my blog.
People help me-
are these really the types of things I am making you precious people read?
My sincerest apologies.
{except not really about the full coverage panty post while dancing...I kinda liked that}

So you may be wondering how I know all of this...
Besides magically knowing everything
{because I totally have that super power...can I get an "amen" ladies}
I have a friend.
A friend I love very much called Statcounter.

And if you have a blog, you must use Statcounter.
It will tell you everything you need to know-all hour, every hour.
How many people are visiting-
where they are visiting from-
how long they stay on your page-
what exact pages they view while on your blog-
what people type into Google that lands them on your blog-
blah blah blah.

{I just realized this is all very boring if you don't have a blog...oops, sorry Charlies}

This is perfect for spotting traffic coming from another blog and you think
"Hmmm....how did people find my blog from there?!"
so you click on it and you get something like this:
And then you are all like
"Ahhhhh....yes that makes perfect sense why I got traffic from that amazeballs of a blog"

So there you have it friends-
a tip to help ya'll out.
Don't say I never gave ya anything...

PS. Do not be surprised if you do start using Statcounter and you find yourself checking it every 13 seconds.
I would never do that but I bet there are some crazies out there that do ;)

What one blogging device can you not live without?
Do tell.
I clearly need more things in my life to be fixated on.

Come back tomorrow to link-up your joyful pictures...
And a little story about how I made a fool out of myself at the grocery store this week.
It involves pee and biting the dust.

Happy Day Lovers.



  1. You look good girl! wish i looked like that in my bikini!!! and you freaking crack me up!! i love it. I think i tell you that each comment!! Love it!! I am totally getting that stat thing!! :D Thanks!

    Much Luv JeNeal

  2. Erin you look great! I love this post and I will certainly look into this more. Very funny the types of phrases that will pull up your blog. Haha!



    Thanks Erin!

    Also, that's all kinds of amazing that you posted a pic of your hawt self in a bikini! I would never have the go-nads to do it, so you have my greatest admiration for going there.

    Although, if I looked as good as you, I might be more ok with posting a pic of myself.

  4. holy body. you look amazing girl. super glad i found your blog. i'm following. I'd love if you'd check out my celebrity fashion and style blog and see if your interested in following too. Thanks love. xoxo


  5. Just to give you insight into what I was doing as I was reading your blog after I stopped giggling; you're funny!: open new window...statcounter, search...what, only 2 people looked at my blog..and I was both of them?! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Hahaha, you crack me up! I have statcounter and I love it! =D

  7. i keep thinking... or should I say dreaming about looking half as good as you do! I'm blaming on the fact that I don't want to lose all the weight if I'm just going to {hopefully} be pregnant in a few months!
    In other words... you look FAB!

  8. i am so jealous.. you are SOO Tan and skinny minnie!

  9. bahahhaha you seriously crack me up with your silliness! Damn girl if I had a body like yours it would be all over my blog! hehe deff checking out statcounter thingy! thanks :)

  10. Definitely am using the statcounter now! woo hoo! thanks lady! and you look fab in a bikini! :)

  11. you look amazing in your bikini (and im kind of jealous.. in a good way lol!) Never heard of that tool, sounds interesting, thanks for sharing! {omgosh you are so funny!}


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