Three Cheers For Friday..Make That Ten.

Hey Hey Chicken Littles.
Hope you wore your party pants today.
Party pants are definitely a requirement on Fridays in these parts.
Because Friday is the day that you show off your goods.
Goods as in pictures.
And if your pictures happen to be of your goods-well then that is another story.
And probably a different website you need to be looking at.
Enough about that though.
Have I mentioned yet how happy I am that it is Friday?
Not just any Friday-but the Friday before a 3 day weekend.
And the Friday before College Football starts.
Which means my Saturdays will now consist of me consuming ten times more food and beverages than one should consume in one year.
It's pretty magical.
Oh and have I told you yet that Notre Dame & I love each other?
Too bad Notre Dame doesn't love you and your pesky little teams.
Be ready to be crushed ;)
Ow Ow I just talked trash...and I liked it.

Enough is enough...
I'll shut up now and get on with my pictures for the week. 
Found this pretty little diddy in my parent's yard yesterday. Isn't she a beaut?
My little niece loving my dad back to good health. Muy Preciouso.
That stands for Very Precious in case you don't speak Italian as fluently as I.
Or is that Spanish?
Just a few bulbs of garlic hangin' out :)
That would be my foot digging a trench a mile long. Or a few feet long.
It's all the same really.
Last but not least, my dog dominating my parent's dog.
I'm such a proud momma ;)
{Although it does not appear this way, no dogs were injured in the shooting of this photo}

Ooooh baby, that was fun.
Link up below-
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and get down with your bad selves.

Happy Weekend Kitten Kaboodles.
{Commonly known as Kit-N-Kaboodles..It's really whatever your Kabodle prefers}

PS. What is with people who click on "Follow" and then "Unfollow" within hours of each other?

Really....could you tell in that shor of time that my writing is genuinely terrible?
At least give me a few days to prove that it's true ;)

PSS. Or is it PPS? Lord knows. My hubby thinks he knows too. Poor hubby doesn't realize that he is a male. Meaning we all know he truly has no idea. He will learn someday.
Except no he won't-I just remembered he is a male ;) 
Just Kidding..He brought me home a bottle of wine last night. The kid is a genius.
PSS/PPS. Guess who's face is over on The Daybook for the month of September.
 This one.
Boo yah.
I say Boo yah like I was hand picked and didn't have to pay money to be there.
Whatevs. It's still all exciting in my world.



  1. I'm in class, reading blogs instead of paying attention, and had to stifle my laughter at the picture of your dog attacking the other one, so as not to give myself away.


  2. Great Picture Taking! I can't wait to see what the mile long trench is gonna be! Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh my gosh, I swear my husband gives me that "what are you laughing at" look just about everytime I read your blog. =D You all kinds of greatness. Loveeee the pictures!! =D

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic of the dogs!!!!! PRICELESS.

    I have important matters to discuss with you:

    A. I was reading my mag on the treadmill last night and noticed that you really remind me of Jennifer Aniston! No joke. Like a lot. Has anyone ever told you that?!

    B. When are you going to come visit me and come tailgate with me for an OSU game? Let's make this happen.


  5. I love these! I have your button on my page. I love your blog, you crack me up all the time. I find you very hysterical. :)

  6. I am on the daybook this month too and I definitely let out a boo ya. haha I'm such a dork. Cute post.

  7. You are hilarious. I'm following! I hope I didn't press 'unfollow' by mistake! Crap, I better go check, now I'm all paranoid....
    Love your blog!!

  8. really u think i'm awesome?? thank you for the comment!!! hi new friend!

  9. great pics as always! thanks for linking up :)


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