The Return Of Awkward & Awesome

Holy balls of peanut butter, it's been a long time for one of these posts.
Now you're probably all like "one of WHAT posts" because yeah-it's been that long.
I'm talking about Awkward & Awesome.
Remember those two words? Probably not. It's cool. You'll be re-introduced to them shortly.
Thankfully just because I stopped documenting these moments-
does not mean that they stopped happening in real life.
Is it possible to actually avoid all things awkward & awesome?
Like if I started hibernating in my house 24/7.
Which really is not a bad idea-
unless of course I want to keep gaining new material for my blog.
In which case, I better get my booty out the door.
Okay well now that I have built up extreme amounts of anticipation for this post, let's begin...

1. The way my water smells that I am currently drinking.
It is giving off a nice scent of wet dog hair.
I understand how it got the whole "wet" scent-but dog hair?
Whatevs. It's better than cow manure which is how a lot of other drinks taste to me.
Not kidding.

2. Speaking of dogs and scents, let's talk about dog treats for a minute. Have you ever smelled one of those bad boys? And then have you gagged like ten times in a row because you can't believe your dog enjoys eating processed meat that smells like it has been rotting for 3 years? Oh wait...I eat Taco Bell once in awhile. Scratch this one.

3. So I work in a cell center. I love it. But what I don't love is when I assume the other person took the honor of disconnecting the phone call after we completed the biz-nass (ghetto for business) that we were discussing. Why I hate this is because once I believe to be "free"
I start singing in a really pretty voice.
And two minutes later when the person says "Hello!??!" it makes my face incredibly red.
Cruel prank you little non-disconnecting callers.

4. So while I was walking around my hood the other day (in my work clothes and heels..what?) I came across my neighbors vehicle. Supposedly a group of smurfs planned a secret attack on their van. They won the attack. I thought about ringing my neighbors doorbell to let them know of this tragic event, but I trust they already know. Why they haven't hired their own army to battle back against the smurfs, I'm not totally sure.
 I'm going to assume they like this look. Hmmm...

1. Not wearing eyeliner once in awhile.
A monumental event in my world since eyeliner is pretty much my life.
Okay not really, but it was back in the day. Think back to this picture.
Gosh, I was cute.
Nothing screams "Hello gorgeous" like black slits for eyeballs.

2. This amaaaaazing fall weather we have been experiencing. 60's and sunny. Which means jeans, sweaters, cardigans, scarves, and boots, oh my.
We should totally do like a "Fall Fashion Week" around here where we do a daily link-up of us in our favorite fall outfits. Ummm yes, I like this idea.

3. Speaking of fall and perfect-yesterday marked my first Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice for the season.

From now until March I expect to gain 20 pounds just off these alone.
It's going to be pretty exciting, stick around.

4. The getaway I am partaking in with my family in the near future. All you need to know is we will be escaping to an island for a few days. An island filled with lumberjacks, teepees, and enough wallpaper in our hotel to cover the great wall of China. Front and back.
I'm pumped. Seriously. Any guesses as to where we are headed? Good luck.

5. The Capturing Joy Link-up party that is happening tomorrrooowww.
Not tomorrow but tomorrrooowww. Got it?
If you haven't linked up before, you probably should. All the cool kids are doin' it.
 I would hate to have to think that you aren't cool.

Post: Complete.
Thank the Lord on high because this cat has got to pee somethin' fierce.
As you may recall, I am not that good at holding it in.
Better jet....

Happy Thursday Pretty Bitties :)



  1. That old eyeliner pic cracked me up b/c that was definitely me back in the day!

    Also - that smurf van...wtf!

  2. i love that you just signed off with the info that you had to pee...

    i don't know if you do this, but i definitely "reword" myself with going to the bathroom... like finish this work email then go the bathroom or finish folding laundry then go...

    do you do that? or is that just me?


  3. Smurf van=hilarious, but whyyyy would you do that?!

    I love eyeliner... It's my "I would bring to a desert island if I could only bring one thing" make-up item!

    Love A&A Thursday!


  4. OMG! I'm rolling! that pic of you with the "black slits" as eyeliner HAHAHAHAHA

    My pictures of me back in the day are just as bad! I had a unibrow and used WHITE eyeliner a lot with blue eyeshadow...wtf?

  5. Natalie Hirdes (Ewing)September 8, 2011 at 7:11 PM

    I know where you are going....Mackinac Island???

  6. OMG, you are hysterical. I have no idea how I found you but I am so happy that I did :)

  7. Love the picture from back in the day. It is always so fun to look back at old photos. =)

  8. u crack me up... I just busted a gut out loud when i read your "...black slits for eyeballs..." hahaha I freaking love you and your posts!!!!

    much luv

    -JeNeal @ Pieces of Luv

  9. I'm too excited to have "found" you and be your newest follower!

    Stop by sometime, amy-showalter.blogspot.com



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