The Post That I Don't Talk About What I Was Planning On...

Yeah, I know-I promised I was going to write about how I have become a real life loser.
And well guess what-I lied.
I have had zero time to write up that post...in fact I've had negative time.
Like so little time that I inhaled my dinner while driving and was talented enough to do so with no serving utensils.
You've never ate grilled chicken, asparagus, and mashed potatoes with your fingers?

On the opposite side of that-I was reminded once again that I hit the husband jackpot when I walked into the house at 9:00 pm this evening to find the kitchen completely spotless.
None of those mashed potatoes smeared on the counter, no pots on the stove, and the dishes were emptied from the dishwasher.
Yes, he will be thanked for that..guarantee it.
{Mom if you are reading-I totally just mean by writing him a nice little note...}
And mom if you aren't reading this, that is totally not what I meant.

So yeah...Here I sit with no post planned.
To make matters worse, my husband just dished up a ginormous bowl of ice cream.
In case you hadn't heard-ice cream beats blogging any day.
Ya, I said it.
So on that note-
we will have to talk about how I am a loser another day.
Booooo I know.
I've got thaaaaaaangs to do friends.

Love you all and miss you...
As much as I love guest posts {as in this one..Hope you entered that drawing kids}
it kinda hurts my heart to know I didn't get to ramble on to you all for hours like I normally do.
So I'm a little controlling when it comes to time spent with my beloved readers..
What of it?
It's all out of love you precious little nuggets.

PS. It is your last chance to enter this giveaway.
Better do it now or you'll be sorry.

PPS. If you can guess which flavor of ice cream I am about to demolish-you will be crowned "Queen Ice Cream Guesser"
I know you wanna wear that crown...Good luck.



  1. How do you do it woman? Make me laugh almost every.time.i.read.your.blog. Your all kinds of greatness. Just sayinnn.

    As for the ice cream i'm going with Vanilla or Butter Pecan. Because one is an obvious flavor and the other is one I picked at random. =D

  2. I should know what it is since i'm that sneaky soul on your left...peanut butter? yeah. we'll say its PB. Talk tomorrow??

  3. You are so awesome! Seriously the most awesome person I know {without knowing}!! I hope you are "thanking" your husband and not reading the comments till tomorrow ;)

  4. You. Are. Miss. Awesomeness! love your bloggidy blog! and you!
    Im going to guess....ROCKY ROAD! or the one with the chocolate and peanut butter chunks...oh no wait cookie dough its gotta be cookie dough!
    Im the ice cream MONSteR! so i could guess all day you know :)

  5. I love how you just blurt things out and it becomes awesome!! How do you do that on every post?? I love your personality Erin. :). I'm guessing vanilla.

  6. This made me laugh wayyyyyy too hard!! Get some rest! Sounds like you are bizayyyy. Glad you have such a good hubby. Glad you mastered full on meals while driving with no utensils. That's an art. I had only mastered king size candy bars...LOL

  7. I freaking love you! I've been following your blog for awhile and I just ADORE it! - PLEASE, check out mine?

    - missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

  8. Tiramasu? lol It looks like gelato.. I love gelato! :) You are right, ice cream totally outdoes everything!! Enjoy!


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