The Night Before A Holiday

This post was intended to be published last night....
Until my wimpy husband had to read it and demand that I not post it.
For some reason, he thinks posting a video of me dancing like a maniac
while singing is a terrible idea.
I on the other hand, think it's genius.
To remain married-I deleted the video.
Feel free to throw eggs at your computer screen in anger.
I pretty much did.


It's 6:00 pm.
Dinner is started-
and the dance party is rockin' in our kitchen.
A little cheer's between the hubby and I...
..A lot of Party Rock Anthem on the Ipod..
and this is what you get...

{Insert insanely awesome video of me goin' buck wild}
This is going to be the best night before a Holiday Ever.

Happy Weekend NOT Laboring folks.

PS. I kinda thought the camera wouldn't pick up my voice. Oops.
And my video recording skills? Clearly stellar.
Um...the full out sprint I burst into mid dance? Not sure what's goin' on there.
Oh and those full coverage panties I am wearing?
I was hoping the "Sex appeal" body mist I sprayed on myself at CVS this afternoon would make up for that...apparently not.

Go make it a good one kids.


At this time, please leave a comment for my husband telling him that my UN-use of the video ruined this post.
He obviously has no idea what it requires to become BIG in the Blogging world.
Regardless, it's Labor Day Now.

I'm down with this plan.
PS. Have any of you given birth on Labor Day? I kinda decided last night that going into Labor on Labor Day would be one of the top 10 coolest things to do.
Act like that wouldn't land you a spot on the 6:00 pm news.

...On that note, I am off to prepare for next Labor Day ;)

Kidding kids. It's 9:30 am.
And Labor Day.
Meaning NO physical activity.
I must abide by the rules.
Sorry hubs.
{Although not really because I am still mad about the video}



  1. Awww!!!! Erin, I want to see that video! I don't think anything you could post would be lame, but this was pretty boring without that video. ;) hehehe...

  2. Awww i wanna see the video!! And omg party rock anthem is currently my jam. Probably best song ever right now!

  3. First your blog is fun and hilarious without the video! At least to me....I love everything you post...so funny-----always good for a laugh! Such a good wife you are (said in my Yoda voice)!

  4. Haha would've loved to see that video! Your post is obviously funny with or without :) Hope you have a super fun Labor Day!

  5. my husband vetos certain posts too haha :)

  6. I was so excited to see the video! Men are such spoil sports! You could have totally pulled it off!!

  7. This post rocks!! As does your post on Miss Mommy!!
    The video should totally make an appearance!!

    And your tips are fabulous!! Thanks!!
    Trying to think of catchy title for next article as we speak! ;)

  8. We gotta see that video.......... pleaseeeeee Erin's hubby, PLEASE?!?!

  9. Miss the video, still LOVE the post! : )

  10. lol bummer!! Still a cute post :)

    Hope that you have had the chance to enter our Tiffany & Co. necklace giveaway!

    twitter: @maryanddyer


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