My Weekend In A Million Pictures Or Less. Or Maybe More?

I accidentally forgot to take myself off "Holiday" mode and remember real life was quickly approaching.
Does anybody else ever do that?
Please say yes, it will make me feel like 10 percent less of a slacker.

Or say no-in which case I will feel like a superstar for being the only person in the universe who does that.
Somewhere in the midst of frolicking in fields of wildflowers/
hand feeding my husband champagne & strawberries/
and participating in all other activities that proceed the above...
I forgot to write a post for today.

Except I didn't actually do anything mentioned above.
Okay well maybe one thing.
It didn't involve wildflowers or champagne though. Just sayin'.
Instead-my husband turned our house into a sweat shop and hired me to be his slave for the Labor Day weekend.
I think somewhere along the way he forgot to realize you are supposed to do something exciting like rest on Labor Day.

Regardless-this three day weekend was fabulous.
In honor of college football starting, we will do a "Play-by-Play" recap if you will.
I really need to stop being so athletic....

Friday Night-
A little thing I would like to call Pedicures and Wine with my bestie.
You want an instant stress reliever?
Do this.
Except paint your nails a little better than I:
It was probably one of the better Friday nights I've ever had.
Thank you bestie, nail polish, and wine.
You three know just how to do the trick ;)

I told you I love Notre Dame right?
Well I did.
Until they decided to suck.
Good thing the tailgates make up for their suckiness.
Aside from sweating like a stuck hog, eating waaaaaaaaaaay to much,
{three of these to be exact}
and getting poured on, it was a great time.
Oh and come next weekend, Notre Dame will be my best friend again..I just know it :)

Worked like the good little girl I am in that sweat shop I mentioned earlier-
meaning I punched about 2,000 little pieces of rubber out of these suckers.
After working my fingers to the bone-Things got real exciting.
Like boots & scarf exciting.
Woop Woop.
Except all my friends I later saw in the evening
 thought I was wearing spandex volleyball shorts with boots.
Thanks friends for your vote of confidence in my fashion ability.

Worked my fingers to the bone once again-
Visited a winery that is within minutes of our house
 {to take the edge off all the work I'd done of course}
and became a wizard at blowing bubbles.
You ever think about important things in life like  
"If I was in a pageant..what in the world would be my talent?"
Folks, I finally got that question answered.
Call me Bubble Queen from now on.

....And that was that.
So this was a really long post eh?
Sorry kitties.
I am off now to get all of the stuff done I should've completed this weekend but didn't.
Who ever invented responsibilities anyways?

I hope your weekend was equally as swell.
..And didn't involve punching out 2,000 rubber parts like mine did.

Talk to ya soon banana peels =)



  1. I always enjoy reading your posts. You always make me laugh :)

  2. Sounds like a good weekend! & you are not alone in the getting back into routine after a long weekend! =D

  3. you are so adorable. and rubber-punching included, your weekend was way better than mine :)
    I looove bubbles!

  4. you are soo stinkin' cute!! i wish i could wear boots and scarves here... grrrr it looks so pretty and green in your neck of the woods :)

  5. Sounds like a really nice weekend! I love your outfits! :)

  6. So adorable. Love reading your high-larious posts. Always a good read :) Fun weekend!

  7. Love it- but I gotta know- what are all the rubber pieces for? :-)

  8. Love this post, as I just did the same thing haha. Took a million pictures this weekend forget I had to be up at 6 and stayed up till 11ish... then dreaded this morning! But alas my fabulous labor day weekend "i spy" blogpost makes up for it haha!!

    Enjoy your week! :)

  9. Looks to me like you had an excellent weekend :) Yay for Football!!!! I love your scarves and fashion sense :)

  10. Looks like so much fun! I personally love the spandex, scarf, boots combo. If I could wear spandex everyday..I totally would!!!

    A winery within minutes? sign me up to come visit!!! we can do a girls night :) xoxo

  11. I knew I loved you, Erin, but I love you even more now that I know you are an Irish fan!! I heart belongs to ND! What an upset this weekend? We'll keep our fingers crossed for a better turn out this weekend.

    PS I'm going to South Bend in like 30 days... Hello Touchdown Jesus and Golden Dome!

  12. I do love your pedi... by the way!

  13. Can I just say that when I saw the picture of your painted toes I cracked up because that is exactly what mine look like after I paint them! lol I'm soooo bad at not getting any nail polish all over my toes. I've finally decided to just go with it though, it comes off in the shower anyway! Same goes with painting my nails!

    PS. Your posts are so fun to read! So glad I'm a sponsor! :) glad to see you had a great labor day!

  14. You're so funny. Love reading your posts! Have a great week :)

  15. love your scarfs :) so cute! and I want a winery mins from my house boo!! jealous! hehe

    girls nights are always fun!

  16. looks like a weekend well spend! :)

    p.s. you're definitely not alone in taking awhile to return to the real world, haha.

  17. LOVE that outfit you have on at the winery, very cute!


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