My New Home {And Capturing Joy}

Okay, lie. But I wish.
{How fooled did you just get?}
So I may not have a sparkly new home waiting for me to get my decorating fingers on like the title of this post kinda hinted at.
As much as I wish that was the case-it's not.
Instead, I am referring to the hospital.
Yeah, that place that I kinda despise going to has somehow made it's way to be one of my daily stops.
I thought that after the whole episode with my dad-my time was done there.
Well-last Friday my grandma wound up in Critical Care where she is still stationed.
On top of that, my brother-in-law found it necessary to have a little baby this week.
Okay, he didn't have it...but his baby momma did.
You get the point.
And by baby momma I mean my dear sister-in-law.
I just prefer the term baby momma.

Back to my grandma though-
things aren't going so well.
Like really not at all.
And it saddens me a lot. Really a lot a lot.
So I haven't really talked about it...at all, until now.
It makes me cry and be all sad...two things I prefer not to have to do and be.
We are unsure of what will happen at this point but regardless, if you are the praying kind-
I ask that you please pray for peace and comfort for both my grandma and our family as we make our way through what the next few days will bring.

With all that being said-it has been a bittersweet week at that.
A celebration of a new life and also a celebration of a long life.
On the bright {or not so bright} side I've definitely earned a frequent flyer card to the Hospital.
I don't recommend earning your own, it's really not that cool.

Regardless, I still have MUCH to be joyful and thankful for.
In celebration of that-lets get the pictures a rollin'.

{It's from a cell phone-don't judge on the quality. Just judge how cute that little baby is-
and by that I mean swoon over her little bittiness}
My precious grandmother that I was referring to above holding her only granddaughters hand. Pure love ;)
I love how you can just hear the giggles in the pictures..
So I like me some wood. What of it?
It represents all of the fires we intend to have but never will...
I also like me a workin' man.
One who not only does it-but looks hot in action...Success. 
Ahhh....even better than wood and my man-candles.
Okay so maybe not "better"--but close.
Yours truely.

Now it's your turn.
Link up below-have this baby on your blog-
and party it up.

Happy Weekend Kids.
PS. I am doing a little craft experiment this weekend.
It just may turn into an Etsy shop if all goes well.
Me+Etsy Shop?
I know-they don't mix.
Or do they?
Time will tell friends.



  1. I am SOOO very sorry about your grandmother..that is soooo hard!! and I am the praying kind and i definitely will send prayers you and your family's way...Your new little niece awww how tender!! and when i first read your headline and saw that house i was VERY jealous!! I wanna house like that one!! ;) anywho i really hope everything works out and that you are comforted in this time of need!!! Luv Luv your heart!!! xoxoxox

    Pieces of Luv

  2. oooh PS.. i freaking love your grandma.. just by looking at the pic. she looks so sweet and her long hair how awesome.. love my grandmas but they have the grandma hair..you know what i'm talking bout right??...LOL and its seriously not as awesome ;) xoxo

  3. Congratulations on your new niece! How fun. :)
    And I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma... I know how painful it is. I'll pray for you and your family. You will get through it.

  4. I'm sorry about your grandma! :(

  5. About your grandma, I went thru the exact same thing with mine a month ago. She was in tip top shape and all of sudden, she was in the hospital with cancer and died 3 weeks later. I still miss her SO much and I did blog about it alot, and found that so many people just outpoured their love etc. So I will pray for you and your grandma because I know exactly how you feel.

    and yay for new babies! My sister just had her twins today and I cant wait to go see them!!!


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