It's About Time..

Ahhh, sweet sweet October.
Probably one of my most favorite months of the year.
It's officially fall--it's our anniversary
{5 years..Umm, yes that makes me feel like an adult. Weird}
and it means I can eat 10 apple pies if I want to.
And yes, I do want to.
Thank you.
The final perk to this beautiful month is that I have some  suuuh-weet little ladies
who are hanging out on my blog this month.
Yip skip and hop.

Let's meet them mmmk kiddle bits?

So yeah...I kinda just made you a ton of new friends.
Now that you have a gazillion more blogs to look at-please don't forget about me.

Enjoy the freakin' weekend....
I don't know about you but I'm about to have me some fun :)



  1. Our 5 year wedding anniversary is in October, too! The 21st! What's yours? Happy Anniversary month!

  2. Thanks girl and happy anniversary! <3
    Eat an extra apple pie for me!

  3. Ummm what's wrong with 10 pies? Happy Anniversary in advance, and looking forward to the guesties.

  4. I want to see wedding pictures! I feel like I haven't seen any yet?!! I wanna seeeeeeee pleaase! :) miss ya!


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