Introductions Are Awkward..

Unless you are meeting somebody Awesome.
And lucky for you-these people are just that.
Because a new month is upon us...
I have some new people who are hangin' out on my sidebar.
I hope they have strong arms because they are gonna be hangin' for awhile.
{Score one point for me in the cheesy category this morning}
Let's meet these creations of awesomeness shall we?
We shall.
Real quick before we start I have some instructions for you:
1. Oooh and Ahhh at these pretty buttons.
2. Click on each picture to be taken to either their Blog or Shop.
3. If it is a Blog-spend some time there, get to know them.
Perhaps click Follow or leave a nice little comment.
If it is a Shop-spend a million dollars.
Have fun ya little fruit loops :)





...Now look at all the new friends you just made...
And the empty bank accounts you have!
How exciting.

Who knew you could multiply your circle of friends and become broke all in one place?

Welp, I am off to go cuddle bug the crap out of my husband.
Except not really get the crap out of him.
That might take the fun out of the snuggle part.

Happy September Little Bits.
Go make it a good one.

Oh and hey-remember to come back tomorrow for "Capturing Joy"
Get your photos ready to link-up baby cakes.
It's gonna be a party.



  1. yay! sorry my button is a little stretched in size lol .. I didnt know how to make it any bigger :) Thanks for featuring me, you are a doll.

  2. So excited to see my button too! :) Sorry it's stretched like that. That is what happens when you're not sure how to adjust picture sizes! Yay for September! :)


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