I Fell In Love With A....

Yeeee-haw, I am excited for today.
It has been awhile since I have shared with you some of my recent "loves"
or obsessions if you will.
Think back to Must-Have Mondays.
Like seriously, where in the heck did they disappear to?
One day I am in the habit of writing them, and the next day my brain totally forgot that it was supposed to be like a weekly thing.
I have a silly brain sometimes that likes to forget things.
And by sometimes I mean all the time.
If it wasn't for this blog, I would forget what I look like...thank you self portraits.
I knew you were good for something other than making a fool out of myself.
Anyhow-I know you are all just dying to know what I've been fixated on lately.
Ha. Ha. Ha.
Lucky for you, I don't want you to die so I will tell you.....
Starting NOW.
1. Minteas.
Umm hi-my two favorite things-Mints and Tea, all wrapped into one.
The coolest part? They all do different things. Or so it says.
But because it says it, I totally buy into it.
I have purchased the Relaxation and Focus Mints. The relaxation tastes like a nice bottle of lotion in your mouth, but in a delicious kind of way.
The focus actually makes me want to gag, but daaaang...my brain gets smart after one lick.
And we all know that silly brain could use it. 
Get yours here.

2. Clock Ring.
So I have this favorite store-it's called Miss Chic. It's also owned by my best friend.
Slam dunk I know. I picked this gem up from her a little while back and I kinda can't stop wearing it. No, it doesn't actually tell the time but I could care less because even if it did, I still wouldn't know what time it is {I can't read clocks, get over it}. Cute right?
Go get something fun for yourself here.
This week you even get a discount....can we say suuuuuh-weeeeet.

3. Jalapeno Chips
Hot tamale, I am hooked on these babies. We are talking "I am 10 pounds heavier because of these things" hooked. My friends introduced me a few weeks ago and I haven't stopped eating them since. It's pretty terrible actually. I have a few weeks to shed any extra chip weight I've gained before I am struttin' my stuff on a beach-meaning these may have to hightail it out of my pantry...The tears are forming now.

4. White pants.
{As pictured yesterday}
 Yeah I know Labor Day is over. Which is supposed to mean White Pants are done for for the season. Unless you don't follow fashion rules like myself. In which case you can rock them whenever your legs desire. Rock them I will...
Thank you Old Navy. 
Best $15 ever spent.

5. Wrap watches.
 I spotted these over on one of my best blogging buddies page and my heart skipped a beat. Are they not adorbs? I will take one of each please. Thank you. 
{And then ship to me ;)...}

6. Wood picture albums
My precious mother bought this for me and I keep hugging it.
It's great.
Now I just need to order my prints.
Thank God for 1 penny prints from Snapfish good thru today.
Woop Woop.

Okay, it's YOUR turn.
Leave me a comment with ONE of your recent obsessions right this instant. If you need to leave me a link with where I can find it-please do.
I'm in the mood to shop.
Most dangerous mood to have but my favorite one to be in ;)
Can't wait to be acquainted with your loves.

PS. I am going to do a post featuring all of your favorite things based off the comments you leave.
It will have your name, a picture of your favorite thing, and a link to your blog or shop if you have one.
It's gonna be wiiiillllld so join in.
I looooove stuff like this ;)

Come back tomorrow to WIN one of my favorite things
{I didn't mention it today because it's a suuurprise}

Happy Day Friends :)



  1. Obsession #1: Diet Coke.
    Here are the rest of my current obsessions (just did a post on this)


  2. Oh man..I have so many obsessions..hmm..but right now vintage antiques from different antique stores is my #1 obsession. I love to find new props for my photography business and also for decoration! :)

  3. I just purchased a pair of white pants this weekend...I don't follow fashion rules either. :)

    My latest obsession is pomegranite hot tea. Loooooove it.


  4. My current obsession: dreams that seem so totally real. You know what I mean. haha

    or...Pumpkin Spiced Latte's, blazers, scarves, and boots, oh my! aka I love everything.

  5. hahaha I started this blog, my personal one, and did a "Must Have Monday's" segment - too funny. I love ring watch - too cute of an idea.

  6. I love your picks! Those wrap watches are too cute. My recent obsessions are all things fall! Specifically, the gorgeous pair of Tory Burch brown boots that I could never afford but still love to stare at... while holding a pumpkin spice latte :)

  7. Totally diggin' the white pants too -- screw fashion 'rules' :)

    Umm, how perfectly perfect is it that I just did a post on what I am loving right now. Coffee. Any kind, shape, form or flavor. YUM!


  8. Just found your blog -
    My current obsession is Sally Hansen's Extreme Shine top coat. The stuff is seriously amazing. I can't take the credit for discovering it's greatness, but I did do a post about it to spread the word! Anyone that ever does their own nails needs to have this!!

  9. GOT to get me one of those wrap watches. LOVVVVE.
    My biggest obsession right now is Pinterest. Kind of general...but I'm seriously addicted. It's been inspiring some craftiness (see my blog: www.sunshineblossomsblog.com) and I plan on trying some delish recipes from there A . S . A . P . :)

  10. i love that clock ring super adorable! i will continue to rock the white pants regardless of any holidays celebrate i don't like to bog myself down with fashion rules, they are boring and unnecessary, yours are terrific i wonder if i have the same pair bought mine at Old Navy too

  11. Raspberry sweet tea from sonic, a large is only $1 during happy hour!

    The target dollar section, and bracelets.

    Am I allowed to have three favorites?

  12. I am obsessed with Reese Peanut butter anything.... cups... bars.... pieces... I cannot get enough... soo good! You are great!

  13. LOVE the clock ring! Jealous!! I'm obsessed with eating Nutella. With a spoon. Plain. At 1AM. While watching SNL reruns.

    - missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

  14. The clock ring is adorable! I simply can't stop looking at the site makesmethink.com it's terrible because I cry every time i read it! But it's amazing! Have tissues on hand if you check it out....
    I'm also loving ruffled aprons :) just cute and functional of course



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