I Don't Know What OOTD Stands For.

Shirt: Target {$4 at that}
Necklace: Forever 21/Bracelet: Kohls
Boots: Charlotte Russe/Leggings: Can't remember that far back

All I do know is that it has something to do with clothes and taking yourself in pictures of them.
I wonder what it is called when you take pictures of yourself in the opposite..aka no clothes?
Oh yeah...I remember now.
The above is what I wore last evening for a little dinner and hospital action.
Exciting stuff huh?

How in the world do people become fashion bloggers?
I look like a genuine freak show trying to be all "natural" in front of the camera.
Case in point-what in the world is going on in these pictures?!
I'm pretty confident that years of practice would do me no good either,
so this is as good as it's gonna get.
Oh and seriously-what the heck does OOTD stand for?
Please tell.
Every time I see it I say to myself "Oh..another oodles of noodles post"
and I'm kinda thinkin' that's not what it means.

PS. On the bright side-my morning started off with cramps knocking on my uterine walls,
I spilled a huge glass of pink lemonade all over the carpet, and I found a load of laundry that I did last week...still sitting in the washer.
Bed-I'm coming back for ya.
See you soon.



  1. According to Google - who doesn't love google? - OOTD means:

    One of These Days (Pink Floyd song)
    Order of the Dragon (gaming guild, World of Warcraft)
    Outfit of the Day (fashion)
    Out of the Dryer
    Offer of the Day (Offers.com)
    Order of the Dragonriders (Age of Conan gaming guild)

    You were clearly talking about the Dragonriders - right?

  2. Your photos are way better than the attmepts I try of myself! That is a super cute outfit you're wearing to. And I'm with you--I have never been able to figure out what the heck OOTD stands for!?!
    I hope you and your family are hanging in there ok.
    And I hope your Sunday gets much better. :)

  3. First of all, super cute outfit and $4 for the shirt???? Awesome!
    I did my first "fashion" post last week and it was beyond weird for me. In fact, I was too embarrassed to have someone take my pictures so I used a tripod in my house, while alone...w.e.i.r.d!! But fun! My husband saw the post and thought I was a nut, which is true!
    Hope your day is better when you get back out of bed.

  4. LOL, yepp that'd be "outfit of the day." but of course, oodles of noodles sounds more exciting :) And I think you actually look great in those pictures!! I hope your day gets better.. it sucks when they start off with an unfortunate series of events. xoxo

  5. HA! I love this post!!!! You are adorable. Cute outfit, btw...I also can't do OOTD pics....even when my husband takes a pic of me...I still act awkward :)

  6. You make me laugh! Can I be you?!

    Cute outfit, as usual!!! Love the boots/leggins/tunic look! My absolute favorite!

    Happy Sunday :)

  7. suuuuuuuuper cute! love the whole thing! I can't wait to start wearing fall/winter clothes. oh yes, uggs here I come ha!!

    ps. I just re-started the laundry load of clothes for the FIFTH time. The same load. That I keep forgetting to take out and then it gets all mildewy. Fifth time. So you are not alone.

  8. lovely outfit! I love the birdy on the necklace :) xx

    - missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

  9. I look like a dork trying to be natural in front of a camera too... no style blog for me. Oh yeah, and I have no fashion sense haha. Super cute outfit!


  10. i love this outfit. i'm a sucker for sweater dresses and leggings. unfortunately i know this will go out of style and we'll all be wondering why in the world we didn't wear pants more often. but for now, i'll enjoy it :)

  11. you look awesome in that outfit! and I completely agree with you..it's so awkward taking pictures of myself.. I don't know how fashion bloggers do it either :)
    I'd say you did a pretty good job! :)

  12. that shirt was $4??? sooo cute!!!


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