Fashion Advice

Two things kids:
Don't wear tight yoga cropped pants covered in grass-with regular panties-colored short socks-
and your husbands crocs to the gas station.
The creepy gas station men will look you up and down, but instead of whistling-they raise their eyebrows.
In a very concerned way.
On second thought, do wear it.
Eyebrow raises are a good ten notches down on the creepy scale compared to whistles.

Also, don't wear a sweater with a giant hole in the armpit to your grandmothers viewing.
You will be self conscious the entire time that while you are mid-hug, somebody will see the hole.
And then you spend your entire time construing a story in your head about how you had no idea the hole was there..."Oooh my gosh, how embarrassing. I had no idea..."
You know, that kind of thing.
Except that's not totally true because I might have taken a picture of me wearing the sweater...
prior to leaving the house.
Just for giggles of course.

I really should start caring more about what other people think....



  1. You inspired me to buy yellow shoes yesterday. I found them on clearance at JCP, but they are too small for me. :( They had them in every size though so I think they are calling to you!

  2. LOL!!!! I know right?... about the dressing that way to stop the creepers. Haha!!! I have been known to wear tops with "blemishes". :)

  3. at least you remembered shoes! I walk barefoot on my property and will sometimes jump in the car and realize, no shoes...

  4. HA! Stupid armpit holes. You know, if you shaved your armpits everyday, the hair would not rub a hole in your sweater... haha J/k! I kid, I kid. But don't feel bad, just the other day I got in the car to go to work and I still had my slippers on.. whoops!


I read and appreciate every one of your comments. Thanks for stopping by my space and sharing a piece of yourself on this huge ole internet. I meant that in the least creepy way possible. I'm just good at making everything awkward. Anyhow, thank you for your comments. They make me smile :)