Coffee, Books, and Clothes...{And New Blog Design}

Well, hello there.
Welcome to my new page....you like?
I love.
And if you don't...then get off of this blog asap.
Ha. Just kidding.
No but seriously...go click the red X in the top right hand corner immediately if you don't ;)
Actually don't...because if you do-you won't get to see the cutest thing to ever hit the planet.
I would like to introduce you to Hannah from Coffee, Books, and Clothes.
She is super sweet and has a fabulous blog.
Check it..
First off I'd like to say thanks to Erin!!!
She is AWESOME and I'm kinda obsessed with her blog... :)
I am so excited to be guest blogging today, so let me start off by saying hello...
Hi. I'm Hannah and I'm from Coffee Books & Clothes!

As you can probably guess my blog is about 3 things...

I blog about these three (and I try not to go too far off on a tangent).
Here are some random things about me:
  • I am a senior in high school, going through the long and grueling college application process right now (wish me luck!)
  • I love iced and blended coffee drinks
  • I am freakishly obsessed with Harry Potter
  • Though my style is constantly evolving, it is very classic and feminine
  • I collect miniature Buddhas (currently I have 14)
  • I work at Pump It Up - an inflatable bounce house for little kids to have party (it's fun, but exhausting!)
  • I mostly like alternative and rock music, but I'll listen to everything
  • I'm obsessed with classic novels - I think a lot of older novels are better than contemporary literature
  • I'm very silly, crazy, and awkward, but I like to think I'm kinda smart, pretty, and funny :)
I'm new to the blog-o-sphere, but I love getting to know other bloggers and readers. I hope you like my blog and thanks so much for reading :)

P.S.  I love to do photobooth message posts, like I did in these pictures :)
Okay, let's be serious for a minute: How cute of an idea was that?
Is it okay that I am a wee bit jealous I've never thought to do something so genius before?
Anyhow-go check her blog out here for more awesome greatness.
I'm off now to go cuddle my lovebug arms around my man...
Or a bowl of popcorn.
Whichever sounds better at the time....

Talk to you soon kitten britches :)



  1. What a cute new blog to follow! And LOVE your new design :)

  2. I like this one alot better than the old one. It's a little less...bright? I thought {no offence meant} that the old blue and yellow clashed too much. they hurt my eyes a bit...
    This one is so much nicer :)
    Saffie :)

  3. I like the new design :) Very simple and cute! and Hannah is pretty adorable :) Super cute blog!

  4. I'm diggin the new design hot stuff! way to go!did you do this on your own? very impressed!

  5. love it! Who did it?

    P.S. I gave you a versatile award - check it on my blog!

  6. LOVE your new blog design! So cute! Going to check out Hannah's blog now...

  7. The new look is great! I had Hannah on the brain this morning, because she just won my giveaway! I'm thinking and praying for you and the family as you go through the next couple of days. Wish I could be there.

  8. Loving your new design!! Did you do this beauty yourself?! So cute. Also, you crack me up on a daily basis, so I had to pass on a blog award to you today, lady! :)

  9. love the new look! also.. Lj LOVES pump it up!! woo hoo! :) i love it too...

    free wifi + coffee = LOVE


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