Capturing Joy Party-Come One, Come All. Just Come :)

Hip Hip Hooray.
It's Frrriiiiiiidaaaaay.
It's also time for me to pick a chunk of dried ice cream out of my hair apparently.
Or maybe it was apple pie?
Regardless, it was a hot mess.
And a very easy/in-expensive way to thin out my hair.

Anyhow-I don't have much time to chat today.
Ya ever have like so much to do you can't think straight so you make like 27 sticky notes to write down everything you need to get done in hopes that it will make you feel organized?
But then instead you spend your time searching for all 27 sticky notes that you stuck who knows where?
And when you find all 27 stickies, you spend the next three hours just re-reading through them to make sure you understand what all you are supposed to get done.
This is my life right now.
And because I am in the mood to scratch stuff off those sticky notes,
I need to complete this post.
Like asap.

You know the drill-
Oooh and Ahhhh over the pictures below....
Link up your posts...
And smack that little button your hot bliggity blog.

Fun right?

Let's get this party started.
My two babies relaxing in the sun :)
Nothing is sweeter than the love between a grandpa and granddaughter.
Fried Green Beans. If you are going to eat veggies, ya might as well make em' healthy ;)
What a stud muffin.
This was right before I made him bust out in laughter so hard that he couldn't even place his order.
It was probably one of the greater drive thru experiences I've ever had.
I could not live without this baby.
Okay, well maybe I could. But it'd be hard.
Real hard.

Time for me to go find that sticky and scratch this one off the list :)
Can't wait to look at your joyful pictures friends!

Now go enjoy your weekend nutter butters.
I know I'm gonna.



  1. totally agree about the gpa and grandaughter bond. it's the sweetest thing ever. seeing my dad with my daughter just MELTS my heart.
    glad your dad is doing well.

  2. LOVE those moments at the drive through where it turns into laughing so hard that the order can't be given to the person on the other side.
    And I love all of your other pictures too :-)

  3. ok... green beens fried... that looks amazing. I'd smoochy your poochy in a heartbeat.

  4. Ha! I totally relate with the 27 sticky notes!!! Crazy busy wonderful beautiful life ;) Enjoy your weekend!

  5. That reflection picture is so neat! You snapped that at the perfect time! And those green beans look heavenly! :) I'm linking up next week! :)

  6. love fried green beans.
    and love Gpa Love. :)
    Lj loves his Gpa.

    man, your pictures make me want to get a new camera. like asap.

    love ya girl!

  7. Yay for capturing joy! I love the picture of the grandpa and the granddaughter!

  8. great moments of joy!

    i love your blog, so cheery and pretty.

    happy friday!

  9. Fried foods make my stomach feel awful but I would probably still eat the fried green beans!! Like I do with fried fish, chicken fingers, etc. Oh the joys of FATTENING foods... ;)

    I love our Keurig too!

  10. I tried to "grab" your button but it didn't work out correctly :( but i used your button photo is that ok?! Sorry!


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