Capturing Joy & Lessons Learned

Hallelujah..It is officially Friday.
The day I have been looking forward to since Monday.
This week has been a week full of long days, wide eyed nights, nerves, tears, memories...
And joy.
Yesterday we said our official "Goodbyes" to my grandmother.
We woke up to very foggy/cloudy skies-
It rained all afternoon-
but for about an hour in between that-the sun shone down as we laid our grandma to rest.
I don't believe so.
We had the joy of witnessing 600+ friends, family, people in the community, etc..
come say their goodbyes to my grandma and offer their condolences to my grandfather and our family.
The amount of love expressed is something I will never forget and will always be thankful for.
You never realize how many people care, until something happens.
I pray every person feels the love that my family felt this week.

Anyhow-with all that being said..while my heart is sad, it is still so full of joy.
And as you know, I love capturing that joy :)
Here's what I got for ya this week:
My grandparents back yard..I love the fall colors & the reflection off the water.
The kid is precious. And an aspiring Fireman. Back off ladies, he is too young for you.
Speaking of reflections from that picture above..is this not adorbs?
This would be my man...cooking in the kitchen with me.
My 2nd favorite activitiy to do together.
Right behind watching TV.
Pretty little flowers. You know I love you.
Is there anything better than a steak hot off the press?
Right behind watching TV with my husband, no there isn't ;)

Now lets see what you got.
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{It is definitely time for a new Capturing Joy button. This one is so 1990's ;)...}
And go live joyfully.
Ya heard?

I hope you all have had a fabulous week.
Love you little bits.



  1. Stunning shot of your grandparents backyard. Gotta make this comment short, I'm going to watch t.v with my husband now :)

  2. Coincidence?? I don't think so either :) The picture of their backyard is SO beautiful and serene. Love the reflections in both pictures. Thanks again for sharing and hosting Erin! Hugs to you girl! :)


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