Top 10 Wardrobe Necessities

Heeelllllooo there you beautiful blog lovin' readers.
So glad you decided to show your face around here today because I have a treat for you.
It's a little treat that I like to call "A guest post"
Not just any guest post though-a post about Fashion.
Something that I do not feel qualified to talk about
Anyhow, I have the lovely/sweet/fashion loving MJ here from Teaching In Heels
 to share with you her Top 10 Accessories for any wardrobe.
Who is excited to see what she's got for us?
MJ...Take it away :)

Hi!  I'm MJ from Teaching in Heels.  
I'm helping out by posting for Erin here, isn't her blog hilariously fabulous?!  

I don't know about all of you, but I'm in love with Pinterest.  I pin like crazy every day!!  And it's crazy how inspiring some of those pics can be.

So from the inspiring pins, here are my top 10 accessories that are a must have for any fashionista's closet...

Black Heels
I love these because they're a little more than basic, interesting with the feather details...so cute!  

Classic Watch
Aren't there just so many adorable men's watches out there?  I love this one, the color is perfect for any outfit.

Source: shopbop.com via MJ on Pinterest
Big Sunglasses
Now I know that now everyone is a fan of really big sunglasses, but I love them!  Just perfect for those days when you are a little sleepy from last night's Skinnygirl Margs or just needing to cover a quick run to Starbucks, they hide all that, love!   

Metallic Tote
I love metallic totes for the very reason, they go with anything!  They truly are an amazing neutral that will go with any outfit.  And I love when they're big enough to hold everything I could possibly need in a day.  
Source: shopbop.com via MJ on Pinterest

Cocktail Rings
Now I truly think big cocktail rings, although a trend for awhile now are just perfect for giving a little fun to any outfit.   
Source: tiffany.com via MJ on Pinterest

Classic Tote
Although you do need a cute metallic tote, or one that's a little more colorful and fun, you also need a great black tote!  And of course a MJ bag is a must!!
Source: marcjacobs.com via MJ on Pinterest

Colorful Scarves
I think a scarf paired with any plain t-shirt or tank adds a great pop of color to any outfit.  An easy way to dress up basic t-shirt and jeans!  
Source: tipjunkie.com via MJ on Pinterest

Bold Necklaces
Don't you love this look?  A great way to make a classic blazer and button-up a little less stuffy and a little more fun!  Rhinestones and baubles, perfect!  

Classic Flats
Sometimes you have to let your feet have a break and throw on some flats, but that doesn't mean they should be boring...  

Knee High Boots
Who doesn't love a great pair of knee high boots?!  Perfect with skirts, dresses, jeans, almost every outfit!  Here's a perfect classic pair that will last from season to season.

Source: polyvore.com via MJ on Pinterest

Now I know that these are just 10 accessories and every girl needs much more than that for a fabulous wardrobe...but this is a perfect start.  
Just remember classic pieces when you're out there shopping those great fall sales!

...Thank you so much MJ for sharing with my readers.

Now go show MJ some love here.

See ya'll tomorrow =)



  1. Thanks for having me post girlie :) Hope you have a fabulous day!

  2. Awesome stuff here! thanks for the post :)

  3. Loved this post MJ! Thank you for giving is your top ten! And thank you Erin for having her as you guest!! :)

  4. just love this post!! fashion = amazing!!

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