Better come out and find me...
Hint: Click Here ;)

Now that I got you to click- 
Stay awhile and say hey would ya?
You can come learn how I Live In Yellow...Literally.
Exciting stuff huh?
Now seriously, get your tail movin' that direction...

Oh, and while you are there go ahead and click on that follow button would ya?
Because her blog rocks.
That's why.

If that reason isn't good enough for ya-if you click on Follow,
you have the chance to win the amazeballs giveaway she has going on right now.
{Am I allowed to say Amazeballs?! Absolutely.}
If you have a brain in your head, you will do all of the above.
I trust you have a brain...don't prove me wrong friends.

PS. That ridiculous looking picture above? I was trying to go for this look....
Turns out if you aren't 4'9..Super Cute..have wavy gorgeous hair..and by go the name of Little Miss Momma, it doesn't work.



  1. We have awarded you with a blogger award for your super cool and fun blog! (You crack us up daily, and we love you for that) Come on by to check it out :)

  2. I found you on thehollierogue. You have a nice blog. I'm following you from Rome, we're here on holiday, but I'm Sicilian.

  3. Ahh, yes now I understand! I sure wish I looked as cute in yellow as you do, because I'm a having a "slump-day" not "hump-day". Loving your post though, as always :-).


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