Not Prepared

I'm not gonna lie-
I was not prepared to write a post for today.
And by "was not" I mean "am not"
So instead of sitting here waisting precious time that I should be spending on making homemade mashed potatoes (mmmmm baby, I can't wait)..
I am going to recap my weekend for ya in pictures.
Slacker style 100%.
Thankfully, I am not ashamed.

Let's start with Saturday shall we?
Hi-my name is Blueberry Butter Braid.
I am now sitting in Erin's stomach and tasted every bit delightful as I look.
Nice meeting you.

Well Well..what do we have here?
An opportunity to dress like we are going to the Kentucky Derby.
Except no horses were involved-
Just Art Vendors, Food, Great Company, and a Beautiful Park.
It was 200% perfect.
That's a lotta perfect...

Next item on the agenda?
A stop at a local gardner's house to pick up some fresh produce.
Has anybody else noticed that taking pictures of local farmers markets is the latest rage in blogger world?
I feel so trendy.
Thank you local gardner.

As for the rest of the weekend-it was spent welcoming my father back home
possibly eating a Sunday lunch with my hubby at Hooters (what?)
scoring some suh-weeeet deals at Old Navy
and making those darn mashed potatoes I've been talking about...
Or am about to make.
All you need to know is that by the time you are reading this, those potatoes are in my belly.
That all depends on how active my belly is in digesting them if you catch my drift ;)
Yes, I just talked about bowel movements on my blog.
Gotta keep it classy around these parts ya heard?

On that note-I am outta here.

Love you pickle pants :)

PS...What did your weekend look like?
Tell me-I am so interested.
Yes, that might've sounded highly sarcastic but for once in my life I am being serious.
Do tell...



  1. I'm sitting here deliberating what to write, and then I remember, I am so boring! My weekend mostly consisted of projects around the house...contain your jealousy Erin, puleease!

    Anyways, just wanted to say hi! Hope everything with your Dad is going well and he is feeling good :-)


  2. UM yum. And I adore art fairs. Sounds (and looks) like a great time. :)

  3. Your photos are exceptional... especially the ones from the farmers market!! Good work girl!

  4. I love your hat! So beautiful! Compared to your weekend mine was nothing exciting. But I can't complain about hanging out with best friends and having one last game night before school starts tomorrow! I can complain about losing my camera and not having any pictures though....

  5. Erin, your photo of you with Aunt Barb is noteworthy in of itself! Your beauty is noteworthy also. Have a great week! And give dad a hug for us!

  6. Your photos are amazing!!! I love the farmers market!!! I've bee to ours about 4 times already ( it's an hour drive so thats not bad!). I attended a wedding. It was a blast dancing the night away with my folks! Good times!!!

    Ps I love hooters.

  7. your blog is hilarious! i', definetly following!! enjoy them mashed taters ya heree ;)

    - missshesaid.blogspopt.com <3

  8. Your weekend looks amazing! All of that yummy food... Mmm, so jeal! That farmers market looks amazing, as does that blueberry butter braid! And who doesn't love a good art fair?! Great weekend.

  9. You truly are the best blogger! Thanks for the laughs! Thanks for being so real!!!

  10. I've missed you oh so much while I was gone!!! :)

    You are presh. you know my thoughts on the food. catching up on your life now :)


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