My Newest Addiction.

It's True.
This E-Z Corn Popper has rocked my world.
I used to eat popcorn one kernel at a time.
I now eat it two fists full at a time.

Does anybody else have one?
Please tell me you are an addict too.
I don't want to feel alone in this.
If you don't have one..please get one.
See ya in Rehab.

PS. Thank you to my surprising machine husband for ordering this on Ebay
without my knowledge.
 The kid knows just how to get to my heart people.
And how to make my middle section wider.
My heart and waist thank ya baby.

Take-away for the day:
...Go buy something nostalgic.
You will get a small "taste" of what it felt like to be a kid back in the good ole' days.
Something about it just feels good...
Don't take my word for it though...
Go connect with something old.
You'll be happy you did.



  1. I don't have one. It sounds like I need to get one ASAP! =D

  2. Haha! You're so cute! I don't have one but we do have on of the heat popping ones (I don't know what it's called) and it make super good popcorn too! Enjoy your poppycorn darling... Lord knows you could be eating worse things.

  3. i just got a serious craving for popcorn! thanks girl! haha happy monday :)

  4. I want one!

    xo Teresa

  5. Yup! Got one, it is amazing. It has changed my life too. I will never buy a bag of microwave popcorn again!

  6. i love it...i want one. makes eating popcorn look way funner! yup..funner...its in my dictionary!

  7. i want popcorn now!!! I am jealous! Have wonderful week!

  8. Loving the challenge of finding something from childhood that makes me happy. I've been thinking about getting some of my favorite disney movies on dvd and finally buying them instead of relying on my parent's old VHS copies of them. :) And that popcorn looks SO. GOOD!

  9. I don't have a machine, but I'm a stove-top popcorn addict too! It is by far the best thing I put in my mouth every flippin' day! The boy is hooked too!

    - Erica Lee

  10. How fun!! I love homemade popcorn :)

  11. I'm a new follower! As a fellow popcorn addict, I can relate to shoveling fist fulls of popcorn in at a time. This machine looks a little dangerous, but I might need it...

  12. ahhh I love it!! It reminds me of when I was a little kid and My daddy and I would make popcorn on the stove! I might just be investing in this soon! :) love!

  13. I have one, and I'm addicted. I figured out how to make a knock off of kettle corn. How you want to know? Just add sugar to the oil before adding in those kernels. It's pretty delicious I'm not gonna lie. It doesn't turn out all caramelized like it does when it's made in the huge kettles, but it's still yummy! :)

  14. wait a second! do we have the same type of dog?!

  15. I have one, and like you I am an addict. And I just HAD to share with you a little secret that you will thank me for. Add equal parts sugar and kernels to make the most divine melt in your mouth, fresh and hot KETTLE CORN. Oh ya, make sure to sprinkle with just a little tiny touch of salt to bring out the sugar flavor just enough.
    Just do it. And thank me later.

  16. My cousins gave my mother a Whirly Pop a few years ago which is essentially the same thing....Oh Boy. I try not to, but I always end up asking for pop corn when I go to her house. She lives five minutes away.


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