Motorcycle Hair & Family Reunions

Once upon a time, I went on a motorcycle ride.
After the motorcycle ride, my hair happened to look like this: 
Windblown like I'm some kind of 80's rock star, Stringy, and greased out to the max.
Or what I would like to think of as perfect party hair.
Did I bother to re-do it for the day?
Absolutely not.
I had a family reunion to attend.
And why oh why would I ruin my party hair right before a family reunion?

I know, I know...
Typically you think of family reunions as some type of awkward social environment where you have to act like you know everybody else's name even though you have no clue,
 nod your head in response to all the old people you can barely understand,
and then you migrate back to your immediate family asap-
ya know, to ensure that you don't actually get to know each other.
That's what I used to think....
Until this past Sunday.
Let's take a glimpse at my family reunion shall we?
Let the party begin....

Not only did we have a group of Cloggers come to put on an hour performance of their happy little feet dancing around...
We hired a contestant for the Miss Indiana pageant to come sit on my grandpa's lap to wish him a Happy Birthday...

And as a family we danced our tails off in circle formation to the chicken dance.

Of course, no reunion would be complete without the appropriate table decor...

gadgets for kids to blow in that make all kinds of obscene noises...
and light up diamond rings for everybody to wear..

Come to think about it-I guess my viewpoint on family reunions hasn't changed all the much.
It was awkward.
I did a great job of nodding at the mumbles I could barely make out.
And come to think about it, I migrated to my immediate family within minutes of arriving.

But somewhere in between all of that, I had fun.
Lots of fun.
And no matter if I will remember their names come next year-
the memories I created with them will be treasured forever.

PS. Come back Thursday to hear about an awkward moment regarding me not remembering my relatives name at a previous reunion.
It is mildly hilarious.

PSS. If I hung out with you on Saturday night and you are currently thinking to yourself "She wore that same outfit on Saturday night as she did on Sunday..."
you would be correct.
 It was still on my bedroom floor from the night before.
Just saving the Earth...one less load of laundry at a time ;) 



  1. Yep, I'm guilty of wearing the same outfit 2 days in a row.

  2. Sounds like alot of fun and of course there is always awkwardness at family reunions. Lol. Oh and I'm definitely guilty of, I barely wore this I can wear it again tomorrow thing. =D

  3. That family reunion looks hilarious! And I totally don't judge you on the re-wear... why waste a perfectly cute outfit?? :)

  4. You totally hit the nail on the head about reunions! It's nice to know that it's not just my family! I love your outfit... who cares if you recycled it from the day before. Look at it this way- it saved time and water!

  5. I am totally guilty of wearing the same outfit two days in a row. I'll actually be out the door thinking of who I saw that day to think f they'll notice. Then I stopped caring. What? I don't smell!

  6. I cannot believe we missed out on all the fun! It better be this good next year!

  7. Your motorcycle hair is hilarious! I used to get it all the time from riding with my uncle - it really is the greatest thing!

    xx, emily


  8. Um I always do the 2 outfits in a row thingy! Esp when I'm extra lazy / busy. no shame in our game!

    I love your hair by the way!!! you are just so presh!

  9. I loveeeeee this outfit. Everything about it is adorable!!! and yeah Family Reunions can be a bit awkward but at the end of the day their family, so you love em.<3



  10. So fun!! You look like you have an awesome family :)


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