A Look Inside My Brain {Figuratively Speaking}

Hello there chicky mamas.
Is anybody else currently crying because it is not a holiday-
meaning we all have to go to work and not soak up an extra day of the weekend?
Glad to know I am in good company ;)
Instead of busting out the streamers and confetti for the pity party I am throwing-
I'll get over it.
Things seem to work out a little better when I take that approach.
So in celebration of this being THE BEST MONDAY EVVVVEEEERRRR
{I am a woman, my moods change instantly...get used to it}
I am whipping out Miscellaney Monday.
Because well, she loves when she gets whipped out :)
Let's do this.

1. Meet my new best friend: Josie Maron Argon Oil.

Picked up this little sidekick at Sephora. I bought it to get rid of certain areas of dryness {which then turn into area of breakouts} on my face and it has healed it right up. Double bonus? It is great for your hair and cuticles. To sum it up: Rub this over every area of your body and you will be transformed in the most beautiful oily thing alive.

2. Does anybody else get a giant shiver when having to pee really bad?
My body goes into full out "I just got electrocuted" mode I swear-
bolting every which way in a really quick fashion.

3. One must always dress appropriately to ride a motorcycle:
My husband informed me I needed to wear closed toe shoes.
Allow me to introduce you to my closed toe shoes:

4. Who else is watching The Bachelor Pad starting tonight?
Between that and The Jersey Shore, my schedule is chocked full of pure class.
Best part about both shows?
 No drama is saved for your mama.
5. I just heard the sound of somebody crunching on some chips..Have I ever told you that almost every meal {and snack} of mine contains chips? Recently I found out they have no nutritional value. I'm not buying into that piece of information though.
Give me chips or give me anorexia. I choose chips.
6. Can you tell I get a little bored waiting for the bill to come when dining out?

7. And last but not least, I have a homework assignment for you.
Except this is a lot more fun than the homework you received your junior year of High School in Science Class {Ugh, just typing the word Science makes me cringe}
See those cute little pictures on my sidebar over there ---->
No, not the ones of me and my hunnies...the Sponsors silly ;)
Yes those.
Okay now complete the following:
1. Click on the first button {Starting with One Step At A Time}
2. Once on their Blog/Facebook Page-Click "Follow"
3. Next, leave a comment saying "I found you at Living In Yellow-You rock :)"
4. Finally, come back here and complete steps 1-4 again, and again, and again..
until you get through every button {Ending with Classic With A Pop}.
5. You just made the day of so many people-Way To Go.
I knew you guys were awesome.

...Remember to be taking pictures like a little Tasmanian Devil this week of all the things that make you smile so you can post em' up on Friday.

Peace out sugar snaps.

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  1. Your posts are always great and always give me a smile!! I loooove your outfit for motorcycle riding, the shirt and shoes are FAB!! Hope you had a great weekend :)

  2. haha! What a fun post!!! :) Can I please steal that top you're wearing in the motorcycle picture? Oh, and those heels? I'm crying about Monday too girl, GAG

  3. You are too cute! Love the shoes...and I am TOTALLY watching the Bachelor Pad...gotta love all those classy shows! Oh wait...that's not a classy show? :) Oh what I watch for entertainment...haha.

  4. I think that is a totally appropriate motorcycle ridin' outfit. I mean, you have to look cute when you get where you going, right? Duh.

  5. Ha.. this post made me laugh. I love your motorcycle outfit~ it will definitely protect you from road rash.

  6. Following you from Micellany Monday.


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