Lady Gaga Gives Me Nightmares

I am about to do something that I have never done before-
It is something that has always annoyed me a wee little bit when reading other blogs-
but I am about to talk about something I do NOT care for.
When starting my blog I thought "I will never talk about stuff I don't like...what's the point?
Nobody wants to read something that I don't care about...talk about things I love and/or make me happy!"
However, today I am doing just the opposite.

It all started Sunday evening when I sat down on the couch with a bowl full of popcorn, peppermint tea in hand, primed and prepped to enjoy the MTV Video Music Awards.
{I suppose sitting down to the watch the VMA's was my first mistake}
However-it was when Lady Gaga made her appearance as a man that I started to get
severely creeped out.
Between the grabbing herself-
dropping the F bomb every other word-
strange facial expressions combined with the unexplained shaking-
and rubbing beer all over her hair...
I had enough.

Okay I get it-she is talented.
I have done my fair share of dancing and singing to her hits.
However-her weirdness is a bit too much for my liking these days.
In fact, I can hardly tolerate it.
{Yes, I know I sound like a mother right now...and no, I do not care}

As she would spew out whatever non-sense it was she was saying-
the crowd would erupt in applause.
I on the other hand wanted to throw up in my mouth.
Not only do grown adults admire her-
young girls everywhere are looking up to her as a role model.
Is this the kind of role model we want our younger generation looking up to?
Hmmm...let me go check.
K-I'm back..and the answer is:
To know that she is a "music icon" in today's society makes me nauseous.
I know I am being a bit dramatic-but it's true.

Needless to say, falling asleep Sunday night I couldn't get over what I had just witnessed.
Has your heart ever literally felt broken because of our society and what it is coming to?
I literally fell asleep with fear in my heart for my future children.
Thanks a lot Gaga.

Okay, enough of my rambling on and on....
The floor is now yours folks.
Time for you "Little Monsters" to leave me messages about why I should love Gaga and how I am acting a little bit absurd over this whole matter.
Say what you will-but in the words of Miss Gaga herself-
Baby, I was born this way ;)

...So now that I am totally over talking about stuff I don't care for
{It really wasn't that much fun}
I am ready to talk about some of my recent LOVES.
Come back tomorrow for those mmmmk?

PS. Do you ever feel like you are in a writing funk?
Me too.
On that note-I am off to go find some Funk-Be-Gone.
Kinda like Goo Gone. Minus the Goo.
I think I might've just come up with a million dollar idea....



  1. Oh my goodness gracious, I could not agree more. She was absurd. I was disgusted that she thought it was ok to smoke on stage (those young fans you were referring to!!) and that MTV was ok with it too. Ugh, I definitely hated it too.

  2. I think you are spot on. I didn't watch the VMA's but youtubed Beyonce's awesomely awesome performance/pregnancy announcement this morning.
    All I could think after she showed her bump was who is that little rat boy sitting next to Jay Z and Kanye West?? When I asked my friends and they told me it was Lady GaGa I kind of wanted to gut punch her.
    She lost me last year when she hatched from an egg.

  3. Unfortunatley I can't give you a reason why you should love her. Don't get me wrong, some of her songs are great. But I don't care for her. The way she dresses or especially The VMA thing, that was just a little ridiculous. I remember watching American Idol last season and she performed and was basically dry humping the guy she was performing with. She is just a little too over the top.

  4. I'm not gonna lie - i love lady gaga. but i totally agree she creeps me out a little.. okay a lot! have you seen her You and I music video? Eek!

    - missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

  5. Ummmm - you hit that right on the money! CREEPY is an understatement. Seriously? I cant believe people buy into that stuff....and I agree I too have danced to many a song by her, but her public appearances freak me out!

  6. OMG! She was such a creeper!! Then the whole "I want to make out with Britney Spears" moment was completely uncalled for! Not gonna lie stopped listening to her music when "judas" came out! Me no likey!! Way to go Living in Yellow!!

    Love this post (at least I am not the only one who doesn't like her haha)

    P.S. Now I sound like a mother haha go figure!

  7. I have to agree with you -- I love her music and think she is really talented, but she.creeps.me.out. I get that she's trying to make a point, but no need to dress like a weird boy. Put on a pretty dress and make your point as a confident, beautiful, classy woman!

    I'm excited to get back to things you love tomorrow :)


  8. I have never liked her and never will. She scares me. Just my opinion, lol.

  9. she makes me bonkers. and not in a good way. i mean, there's artistic creativity and then there's just plain wacko. i'm thinking that she is the poster child for the latter category. i'm just sayin'. although i DO love some of her songs. i just pretend it's someone semi-human who sings it instead of lady gaga. i mean, cmon....anyone who wears those medieval torture shoes is clearly from the planet formerly known as pluto ;)

  10. I didn't watch her last night or any of the VMAS I kinda feel to OLD for that these days LOL

    I like Lady GaGas songs, but I HATE that she feels she needs to be so extreme with her image. Hello Madonna been there done that.

    So long as she doesn't turn into Amy Winehouse I'm ok with her making music.

  11. I didn't watch the VMA's but I heard about this on the radio this morning! along with her swearing and acting like a man..crazy weird..the thought that came to my mind... WHAT? WAS? THAT? creeppy. so I agree with ya 100% on everything! including fear for my kids..the world isn't like it used to be thats for sure.

  12. I kind of love Gaga. I think her use of extremes (like dressing in drag and so on) are part of some really interesting commentary on gender roles. I know she rubs people the wrong way and I think she often tries too hard to be controversial. What I keep reminding myself is that she's young (only a year older than I am) and she's still figuring out her own identity, just like me.

    I really admire her tenacity, her work ethic, and her creativity. And she's got a killer voice, there's no denying that.

    I was pretty moved actually by her performance as Jo Calderone. Very theatrical. I see Broadway in her future. :)

  13. I am such a HUGE gaga fan... and I'm all for pushing the limits, and opening peoples minds, BUT.... I could not agree more....but so she did it again. I would have been happy with another meat dress and even that was over the top for me...

    love the funk be gone. I can't wait to see more!

  14. *standing ovation*

    Agreed. I get the whole "be yourself, don't conform to society" message but isn't getting a very costly outfit made for you (over and over) NOT sending out that message clearly? You still can't dress apart and not be picked on. I truly like and appreciate her message but I think subtle is the best way of doing that. I wish she'd walk out with Old Navy jeans and a Target t-shirt and no make up on rather than these outrageous costumes to get the message across. You've got the voice, you've got the power to deliver a strong message, use the message in your music-- did I just use this comment as a rant? Guuuurl...

  15. i was right there with you. i turned off the vmas shortly after because i just couldn't stand it. i don't understand why "pop" singers these days feel the need to be so extravagant... why not stand out for your talent not for wearing a box on your head {i love katy perry, but really?}. it's sad really... it's teaching young girls that instead of being comfortable in their own skin they need to dress in outlandish costumes to get noticed... and we wonder why the world is like it is. {whoa i just sounded like a mom too!}

    and the writing slump... yes. i was in one for a good month... so i just took a break and readjusted things. found my inspiration again.

    have a fabulous day, girl!
    p.s. hope your dad's doing well!

  16. Didnt see the VMA's... but wow, I'm glad I didn't. Go away, Gaga! Couldn't agree more w/ you! xo

  17. Hi Erin!

    I am new to your blog; I couldn't resist popping over here after spying your cute little sponsor button over on Jen March's blog. Seriously - adorable!

    I totally laughed while reading this post...I think I am the only person who did NOT watch the VMA's over the weekend and it is a good thing I didn't because as much as I love Lady Gaga's music, she scares the bejesus out of me. I think her music is great (I can't NOT move to it), but I don't understand her...and I suppose that is the point.

    Anyhoo, I just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am now following and reading along!

    Hope you are having a great week!


  18. I totally agree with you. While I, like you, have definitely danced and sang along to some of her hits...the idea of her being a role model to our young ladies makes my skin crawl! I was just thinking the other day while listening to our local radio station how nasty many of the songs are these days...as well as the people that sing them. I can't imagine letting my sons or daughters listen to this stuff or have posters of these people in their rooms. Scary stuff...

  19. I can't stand her. I can understand trying to make a statement. But then there's also trying TOO hard, and I feel like she's constantly going too far. And it just comes across as extremely stupid to me. And to think that her fans are actually like a cult that worship her, yeah.. I don't get it. But to each their own. She's just not my thing!

  20. I couldn't have said it better myself! I cannot stand Lady Gaga. The worst time was when my 4 year old nephew was singing lyrics from Bad Romance. All I was thinking was, "Why is my sister letting him listen to that?!" I've pretty much given up on the entertainment industry (MTV and VH1). Sad to say, but I think it's only going to get worse and worse!

  21. Girl, I couldn't agree more. Just when you think Gaga can't get any stranger, ohh, sure enough she does. What the Truck?!?! The even sader thing is...I do kinda enjoy her songs... and I'm not even really sure why? Must be the beat. Yeah. I'm going with that. The beat.

  22. Lady Gaga is one of the smartest, most successful artist right now, why?!?! ...she set out and accomplished exactly what she wanted to do and that is to get people talking!! She only wanted to stir the pot and "boy";) did she!!

  23. Agreed .... her preformance was sooo weirddd but I also couldnt stop watching! I just dont get her. at. all.

  24. Ugh, I totally agree! I've never been a fan because she just plain creeps me out! I can't deal with her. She definitely gives me nightmares. You're not alone!

  25. Literally the second I clicked on your link, she walked out as this guy thing for the first time on the VMAs. It was just creepy, the entire time. I love some of her music, but she's getting too extreme. I felt so bad for Britney Spears, it was her moment of glory and Lady Gaga ruined it with her inappropriate intro and then hovering over her shoulder.

  26. I like some of her music when I don't have to see her. Radio I can tolerate, her videos I can't. She would get a heck of a lot of publicity if she went as herself, not over the top crazy theatrics, herself. That I would actually be interested in seeing.


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