Getting Dirty With My Husband {Or Blogging Lessons Learned}

Blogging Lesson Learned #1:
Title your posts with eye catching "Oh no she didn't just write about that..." type stuff.
I tried this out a few months back and this post produced more page views than almost anything else I've ever written about.
I am not sure if I should applaud you or condemn you for this ;)
At least I now know my audience is a bunch of perverts...Kidding.
If it makes you feel any better, I would totally click on something so exciting as well.

Blogging Lesson Learned #2:

Have your comment settings set to Open In A New Window.
To do this, click on the following:

Once there, complete the following:

The embedded comment form can not be used if you have Post Pages disabled.
Thankfully the lovely Natalie from NS Pottery taught me this lesson a few months back.
There is a large handful of us bloggers who can not leave comments on your blog if this is not the case.
There is nothing more discouraging than reading a post, wanting to gush to the owner about how much you loved it, and then not being able to...which leads me to my next point.

Blogging Lesson Learned #3:

Always have your email address easily accessible on your blog.
Sometimes I need to get in contact with your booty.
And my booty needs to know your booties email address.
So please, have it somewhere.
It makes life much, much easier.
Blogging Lesson Learned #4:
Include pictures in all of your posts.
If you don't, I get bored.

Just sayin'.
Even if the only picture you post is something as ridiculous as this, post it:

Blogging Lesson Learned #5:

Read other blogs for inspiration.
You think I get all my genius ideas by myself?
Good joke-I get a lot of my ideas on what to write about from other blogs..
Ain't no shame in it.

Blogging Lesson Learned #6:

Leave comments on other blogs.
If you like what the person had to say, tell them.
Those comments make people's days shine a little bit brighter.
I speak from experience on that one.
Oh-and never leave a mean comment.
That is rude.
And dumb.
And you don't want to be rude & dumb now do we?

Blogging Lesson Learned #7
Having a case of writer's block?
Go experience life.
Don't sit around in front of your computer wasting precious time that could be spent on much more satisfying, quality life enhancing things.
Your blog will thank you for it.
Chances are good while you are out enjoying your life, an idea just might pop into your head.
 For other ways to get over writer's block, read this.

Blogging Lesson Learned #8
When you accidently delete the design of your blog and have no idea on how to fix it-
Don't freak out.
Remember it is the content that keep people coming back.
Not how pretty your sidebar looks.
Unfortunately, I'm still trying to convince myself of this lesson.

Blogging Lesson Learned #9
Want to know how to make a button for your blog? Click Here.
What about a header? Click Here.
Want to learn how to be awesome? Click Here.
Ha. Got ya.

Blogging Lesson Learned #10
Last but not least, BE YOURSELF.
Nobody wants to read the words of somebody who is trying to be somebody else.
And face it-you're pretty amazing..why hide that from the world?
You are the best thing your blog has.

So there you have it friends..
10 little but important lessons I have learned over the past 6 months.
What words of wisdom am I missing?
I would love to hear it.
As in, take the advice off of lesson learned #6 and leave me a comment with it.

Oh yeah, Lesson Learned #11:
Have the coolest cats in the world read your blog.
Lesson Accomplished ;)



  1. Honestly you are just the best blog to read! You are so funny and you brighten my day!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I loved this post! I totally agree with #4...I get bored when there aren't any pictures....even when it's my own post!

  3. I have been reading your blog for a few weeks and I must say that you are more extraordinary than you think you are! You are fun, fresh, exciting, and hysterical! I absolutely adore you! Thanks for being you and sharing your "you-ness" with all of us!! I could only hope to blog as wonderfully as you do... one day!!
    Stop by sometime girl!

  4. Super post. I've thought about trying to expand my blog a bit and your ideas were great! Loved the part about the comments. I definitely don't comment on blogs all the time...but I do try to comment occasionally, especially if I love a post! It's frustrating to know your blog has had a ton of hits and no one took the time to say hello!!!! :)

    One "lesson learned" that I unfortunately learned the hard way...moderate your comments. I had someone go bananas on me awhile back...to the point my husband was having me print off her comments and we discussed getting a lawyer involved. I now moderate EVERYTHING that goes on my blog.

    Hugs to you pretty girl...

  5. Haha, I just love your blog. You crack me up and I am bad about commenting on posts I love. I am gonna try and start;). You for sure have #11 down!

  6. Oh my goodness, you are the best! I love your wit and humor. Great blogging points, I need to fix some of my blogging no no's.
    Thanks :)

  7. Great blogging tips! You definitely keep me coming back for laughs!

  8. New follower! Found you from your post on Little Miss Momma's FB page ;)
    Love this post btw! Nice to read, being new to the blogging world myself.

  9. These are such awesome lessons to share!!! I've also learned some of the same things, but I especially appreciate you sharing the button and header tutorials. I've been using Picnik for my headers and I just need something new, so now that I know Picasa is great I'll download it!! Thanks!!

  10. Haha, totally true about the post title! LOL! Loved it!

    Thanks for the tips lady! I changed my settings... just for you!!

    Hope you are having a fabulous day!!!

  11. This is awesome blogging advice. Totally agree. Also, stop being hilarious. I'm at work and you're going to get me in trouble if I laugh loudly.

  12. Love your list of tips! And I couldn't agree more with the picture one, maybe I'm easily distracted but a post without pictures really is boring!

  13. These are great! :) The other lesson I would add would be to not have the authorization code, especially since they usually come up after you write your comment and hit submit, and if you are flying through reading blogs, and you think you are good - exit the window, then you left zero comments. That's always a frustrating thought. I turned my authorization code because I realized it as a reader. :) If you are worried about spammers then just don't allow anonymous comments.
    Have a very lovely day! :)

  14. PHEW...Thanks for the tips!! I hate WORD VERIFICATION as well. YIKESSSS. I can't even see those GD letters!

  15. Changing comment settings right now, lol

  16. This post was super helpful! I am new to blogging & have yet for me to feel as though my blog has "taken off". Not sure if its the content or what but I am thankful for the tips!

    Have a great Wednesday Erin!

  17. love this! and i love your blog because you totally are just unique and you say what you feel. going to have to share it on my blog.
    thanks again!!

  18. I awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award because I love reading your blog and I think others should too! http://whtsmnisyrs.blogspot.com/2011/08/my-first-award.html

  19. Found your blog from my friend Cassie's blog post. LOVE IT. Super de duper love it!


  20. Thanks for the tips! Your sense of humor always has me cracking up!

  21. Lots of great tips! :) And so funny too, I like that. :) btw I love your blog look.. your photo in the header is so cute! :)

  22. Funny blogs are my FAVEEEEE.. Your def added to my MUST-READ list!!


  23. I am a new follower. You are super awesome, and so funny. Thanks for the tips!

  24. I just found your blog from Miss Mommy's post about favorite bloggers. I love your blog. So very funny! Thanks for these tips. I'm trying to start up a blog and needed something like this to get me started. Looking forward to following you. :)

  25. Hi, thanks for the tips! I'm a new blogger and had several friends tell me they couldn't leave comments...thanks to you I now know why! myfourwhitewalls.blogspot.com

  26. You are incredibly genuine! Loving your blog!

  27. Aww, thanks for the shout-out! :) I love all of your tips! xoxo

  28. Thanks for the tip on the comment pop-up..I didn't know that allows for more comments!

  29. Thank you - as a new blogger, I am looking for great tips whever I can find them!

  30. I love your blog! I changed my comments settings...so maybe I will get more comments:) you are hilarious.

  31. Thanks for the tips! I'm a new blogger, and these definitely helped me learn some things. Thanks again!

  32. I am so glad I started following your blog!

  33. totally clicked on it since it said gettin dirty w my husband hahaha. glad i read it though! lol

    the style projects

  34. I've been frustrated with trying to design my blog for WEEKS and didn't want to dish out the money for photoshop yet. This post was Very Helpful! THank you!

  35. This is great advice. I'm trying to grow my readership and your tips posts are the most helpful thing I've come across. I followed you over from The Daybookvand have been reading ever since!

  36. Ok, I just found your blog and love it! I only wish I could write like you do...so fun to read! I am your newest
    follower :-)

  37. I never knew that about the comments! I just changed my comments to open in a pop-up with no word verification. Thank you!

  38. After reading your guest post about Blogging 101 over on A Touch of Class, I immediately checked back on your blog and read through all your other Blogging 101 tips. It's been a great help reading all of this and I have to say you're a pretty funny blogger.

  39. these are awesome tips - thanks so much for sharing!

  40. This is great. Thanks! Just changed my commenting option to a pop-up window. THANKS!


  41. I just wasted 3 full hours thanks to this post! My blog thanks you! :-)

  42. THANK YOU for sharing this insight! I have been around the blogging world for a while but I am just now getting back to it really and it is still such new territory to me!
    I found your blog on Kym's {Travel Babbles} the other day and it's such a fun and inspirational little spot in the online world!

  43. I know I am extremely late, but I am brand new to blogging and you are currently my new favorite person ever for posting this!

    Very helpful, thank you! Also, I wrote you an email asking for advice I was able to find going through your "Blogging 101" posts so disregard :)

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  46. I just discovered your blog and I lurv it mucho! I am new to blogging. Your info is priceless. Thank you!

  47. Hey Erin!! I am loving your blog!! I'm new to the blogging world and your advise and outlook on everything is ah-mazing!! Such an inspiration! :)

    Have a great Monday!

  48. Thank you so much for guiding me on my journey to blog! You're hilarious!

  49. Hey Erin,

    I appreciated #1 of this post a lot... In fact, as soon as I read it, I thought, oh crap... what are my blog posts titled (all boring ones that are standard formality). Wellllll, I just started blogging recently, and I guess I can just learn from here on out.
    You can find my borish-titled-blog-posts here: classyeverafter.com
    But no worries, exciting titles to come. Definitely.


  50. I just read this blog entry and {LOVE} it! Thanks for the great advice! Can;t wait to incorporate some of it!

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  52. Erin,
    I am just starting out in the blogging world and was told by another blogger to follow you. I'm glad I took that advice. You rock! I will heed your advice in my blog....thanks! I look forward to entering the blogging world with you!! :) Thanks!

    Sara (mommapi.blogspot.com)

  53. Erin,
    I am just starting out in the blogging world and was told by another blogger to follow you. I'm glad I took that advice. You rock! I will heed your advice in my blog....thanks! I look forward to entering the blogging world with you!! :) Thanks!

    Sara (mommapi.blogspot.com)

  54. This post is fantastic. I've been blogging for a while now, but some of these tips are definitely worth noting, especially the one about catchy post titles. Thank you so much!

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  57. These tips are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them, going to check out post #2. Also that post title is hilarious ;)

  58. I absolutely love your blog! I definitely need to follow you. :)


  59. Even though this post is 4 years old, it's great advice. I've been cruising all over your blog this morning. Love it!!


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