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That's Right..
We have a winner to announce.
Come to think of it, we have TWO winners to announce.
Boo yah.
The two lucky lads who will grace their presence on my sidebar in September are:

I will be in touch with you via email shortly.

For those of you who didn't win, don't freak out just yet.
You have the opportunity to Sponsor Living In Yellow for 20% off in the month
of September.
That means for as low $8 as you can have your pretty little picture on my sidebar and a bunch of other "extras" to go along with that pretty little picture.

For more information on prices click here.

PS. Little known fact-The August sponsors who have been featured on Living In Yellow thus far have already DOUBLED their blog following for the month.
If you find yourself saying this:

Let me go to work for you ;)
Ha. Ha. Ha.
{I act like I know what I am doing}

...On a completely different note come back tomorrow learn about my latest addiction.
It's serious folks.



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