Confession Time

The time has come my friends...
time to bare all.
Time to share the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of me.
And by that I totally just mean the bad and the ugly.
As hard as it is to believe...I have some bad habits.
{Act shocked, it will make me feel better...}
Habits that sometimes gross me out, make my husband mad, and often leave me pondering
"Why in the world do I do that?!?"
So just to make sure I am presenting all sides of me to you little pickles, I compiled a list.
Ready for it?
Read on readette's.

1. The past couple of weeks I have gotten in the habit of not always brushing my teeth before falling asleep. It really isn't pleasant. Please do not try it out.

2. Speaking of my awesome hygiene, I NEVER floss. As in never. Only time those babies see the string between their teeth is twice a year when I show up to my dentist appointments.

3. I am the WORST nail painter ever. I ignore the lines and plop that paint wherever my heart desires. My husband recently told me that my 1 1/2 yr old niece would do a better job than me. Whatever. I punched him in the face and he apologized
 {Okay, joke..but the thought might've crossed my mind.}
It's not like the stuff doesn't wash off my skin...now if I could figure out how to get it off our floors, door knobs, and my hair.

4. I eat pepper jack cheese with coffee on a regular basis. It really is a dynamic duo.

5. I don't believe in using drinking glasses at home. I drink straight outta the 2 liter of pop-and then backwash everything possible to backwash
{I deny this fact to my husband regularly though..hoping he does not read this post}. Anybody wanna come have a drink at my house ;)

6. I dodge people on a regular basis when I am out in public so I don't have to stand and chat.

7. On the days that I workout on my lunch {which are few & far between these days},
I sweat my head off..and do not shower before returning back to work.
I think the wet hair look is really pretty. And the smell is even better.

8. I leave my chewed pieces of gum everywhere-on top of cabinets, coffee tables, and on my night stand. I've even found it on the side of my car (oops).
This irritates my husband like crazy.
I say he needs to get the gum outta his panties & loosen up ;)

9. Speaking of chewed gum, I always put it into my bottles of water/pop/juice because I like finding a treasure at the end of my drink {and it also gives your drink a little extra kick.}
I then proceed to chew it again. It's fabulous.

10. Speaking of bottles of water, I always have to have at least one with me at all times.
If I don't, I have anxiety. Not kidding.

11. I could eat Advil like it's my job. Sucking on that stuff makes my mouth happy. Thankfully I have not become a pill popping addict because of this.

12. I will cry at just about anything. Stick a cartoon on and chances are tears will be streaming down my face at one point during the 30 minute segment.
A teething toddler's got nothin' on me.

13. And of course, this has been deleted by the husband. #Myhusbandneedstostopreadingmyposts.
{I acted like I just tweeted and I really have no idea how you do it.}
Chances are high I just put the # symbol in the wrong spot.
And the list could go on, and on, and on {which will happen eventually, TBC folks.
That would be "To Be Continued" for all of you non acronym people).
Which leads me to my next point-
This post was way too easy for me to write.
Give me some awe-inspiring subject to write about and I will spend days dwelling on what to type.
Tell me to list my flaws and wham bam thank you ma'm I crank those babies out like rice cakes.
{Are you now wondering if rice cakes actually get cranked out of machines? Me too.}

Even though some of the traits/qualities/habits I listed above aren't totally stellar,
they make me..ME.
They keep my life interesting, leave the hubs on the seat of his pants..and well, 
I kinda like interesting..and my husband on the seat of his without pants for that matter.
Sorry mom.
..Speaking of your mom {ha ha}, who is ready for an awkward & awesome post tomorrow?!
Not me...Better get writing pronto.
See you then pretty petunias.
Mwah, mwah, and mwah.

PS. Please tell me you still love me after reading all of my flaws, because I totally love you.
Told ya.

PPS. Thank you to Katie over at Keep Calm & Carry On for inspiring this post. Anybody else want to be motivated to write about all of your flaws? Head over there..it just may do the trick on you that it did on me.



  1. I love this post! I really believe that if you can't laugh at yourself and acknowledge these types of things, life is not as fun!

    You're not the only one that has trouble painting nails--I constantly get nail polish all over my hands, especially when I'm painting with my left hand. Oops.

    Hilarious about the gum thing--so random but I love that you found it on your car!!

    Have a good week!


  2. I am also a terrible nail-painter! Terrible. I never push back my cuticles and I get polish everywhere. What is the shower for if not for getting rid of stray polish? I always. ALWAYS. avoid people in public if it's possible. I'm really socially awkward, so if I can avoid talking to people in public, I'm a happy girl. Plus, I can never remember anyone's name or why I know them...I just know that I DO. Ugh.

  3. I loved this! Probably because about 60% of the time I was reading I kept thinking "Oh my God, I do this too."

  4. I loved this! Probably because about 60% of the time I was reading I kept thinking "Oh my God, I do this too."

  5. You are so cute! :) Even with your 'so called flaws'.

  6. Haha, how funny that I am right there with ya on quite a few of these! Love your blog!!!

  7. i couldn't paint my nails to save my life! and even when I go to have them painted, I end up leaving before their fully dry and smear nail polish all over my car, keys, face, hair...I am worthless in the girly department!

  8. Love this post! I love reading about real people! it's nice to know that their are some normal people out there!
    I love your blog :)

  9. I love this post! It's so great that you are comfortable enough to say all these things. And I am also an awful nail painter.. Like I don't even try any more because everyone makes fun of me. Haha oh well!

  10. pepper jack cheese and coffee. HAHAHAHA. you are the BEST! i am lauphing

  11. so after this I have fallen in love with you - this is hilarious and so many of us do the same!!!!

  12. You are seriously one of the spunkiest, funniest, and most awesome people I've found on blogger!! This post is so great, it's awesome to point out your flaws and quirks and be like "So what?"...it definitely inspires others to be more comfortable with who they really are!! You're awesome, this post is awesome, your blog is awesome! Thanks for sharing :)

  13. HAHA yes! I love the shoutout and your list. When I read the pepperjack cheese and coffee comment my first reaction was that would be damn good. I love a lil pepperjack and it would give the coffee a little extra kick. I don't drink coffee though..just tea..so I can't try that. YOUR GUM stories are hilarious!!!! On your car hahah I love it!

  14. This makes me realize why we are best friends. We. Are. The. Same. I have to have water with me at all times or I'm anxious as all get out....My gum is everywhere..ask Gail..she LOOOOOVES it. I miss you like crazy you little monkey head. Come back to Nashy. Blush, Sweet CeCe's, and Keith all miss you like a mad hound. MWAH!

  15. I am dyingggg! This post is hilarious!!! Such a fun, getting to know you post!!! Absolutely love your "flaws." If these are all your flaws, your HUBBY is LUCKY!!!!

  16. i confess that i too have fallen asleep many times without brushing my teeth, oops. my dentist hates me because he is the only one that flosses for me twice a year as wel. i'll have to try that combo coffee and jack cheese. and i dodge people too when i see on the street, when im going somewhere i just want to get there and talking to someone i know will put me behind. but hope if we ever meet in real life i wont dodge you :-)

  17. This post cracked me up!! I'm a horrible nail painter too...it's always all over my skin! The gum stories are hilarious :)

  18. Too funny.

    I go to sleep allll the time without brushing my teeth OR washing my face. Oops!

    I also dodge people alll the time. Oh man, I really just didnt see you standing there...

  19. haha I totally avoid the people I dont care to talk to at stores! And I would workout in the middle of the day at school...then go to class unshowered. At least were not the only ones :)

  20. I always have to have a water bottle with me too! I'm known for getting dehydration headaches... no fun :/

  21. LOVE this post girly! haha I couldnt stop laughing! I am completly guilty of a few of those! like numbers 1,2,3,6 and 11! (why does advil taste sooo good?!)

    Also I think its hilariously awesome how your hubby lets you keep the fact that you like his pants off on your post but not numer 13... that must of been a major thing?! haha

    Loved it! and Still Love you!!

  22. I just found your blog from the Shine Project. I love it, especially this post. It really made me laugh. Good idea.
    I am now following.

  23. I just found your blog yesterday, and immediately subscribed! I love your down to earth personality!
    I stumbled across your confessions via 'best of liy' and decided that late is better than never, so i jumped on the bandwagon and wrote a confessions post of my own. Have a read if you want!


  24. Gyah, I hate to floss too. My husband flosses like a fiend. I used to stick gum all over the place when I was a teenager .... then I just started swallowing it. I'm fully recovered now.
    And the only thing I drop bubble gum in is PJ. Party on! {Psych. I promised hubs in 2005 that I would never drink PJ again}. I liked this post.
    I could be over a year late to the party, right?


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