Capturing Joy Yo.

Top of the mornin' to ya little pumps.
Two things with that first sentence we need to discuss-
Little pumps stands for Little Pumpkins.
I'm a huge fan of abbreviating anything...especially if it involves anything Fall related.
Secondly, I apologize if you read this and it is not the morning.
I should've thought about the fact that if somebody reads this in the afternoon or evening, it will really throw a wrench into things.
Thankfully, I will not change it but spend ten minutes discussing why I shouldn't have written it in the first place.
Aren't you glad I don't waste any of your precious time rambling on and on?

So anyhow, hopefully if you are here today-you know what time it is.
Time to share our joyous pictures.

I hope your stomach dances around like mine does when I think about today.
And if it doesn't dance-Inhale an order of french fries on your lunch like yours truly.
That baby will be bouncin' in no time.
K, now that I have you all thinking about my dancing stomach...
Lets start showin' off our goods.
And by that I totally mean our joyous pictures ya goof balls.
Without further ado, Smiley McNiley pictures..take it away :)

Cartwheels and I get along real well.

Check out the baby blues on this boy. Cutest Nephew Ever.

My lunchtime hangout spot.

Love. Love. Love.

Friendships equal Joy. And Kissy Faces.

Well that was fun.
Ya know what is funner? Yes. Funner.
Looking through your joyous pictures...that's what.
So, in order for me and the other ten million readers to do so, you must link up below.

Next week I am going to showcase my favorite pictures from the past two weeks that I have found from all you picture lovin' fanatics.
If that doesn't tickle your fancy I don't know what does.

So link up below-include this picture with a link back here on your blog-
and party on party people.

PS. Just because I host a party, doesn't mean I can't attend another.
You can bet you bottom dollar I'm partyin' over here today too:

Have a wonderful weekend peeps :)



  1. Hey pretty lady!! :) I have finally just caught up on reading here and as always I love every single word you type! I have missed you! lol (is it possible to miss someone when you haven't even really met them in person?.. im voting yes!) oh and CONGRATS on reaching 300 followers!! :) That is just so awesome! Also I am loving joyous pictures! I am actually debating about kicking the bucket for Fact About Me Friday so maybe ill be linking up with you soon! anywho I hope you have a great weekend! Love!

  2. wow, those pictures are amazing--love the one of claire and your nephew, and the one of the lake/pond! you are going to have to come guest post soon for photo friday! :)

  3. I love your photos!!! beautiful work :)

  4. I MUST HAVE THE PICS, FROM THAT NIGHT!!!! thanks very very much.

  5. awesome link up! I am going to try to participate next week!? if thats possible?

    is that really your "lunch" spot?? if so ...can i join!?? please??

  6. Well, after seeing this, it's official....I need a new camera. Add that to my long list of things I "want" but don't "need"...uh! Anyways, happy weekend to you!

  7. Wow, I'm envious of your cartwheel. wish I could do that.

    I'm looking forward to more joys next week and hopefully I could come and join.

  8. Cute idea!! Linkin up!! So... I was in cheer and dance all thru high school, and your cartwheel puts mine to shame... ha! Loved all your pics! Your nephew's eyes are striking! Thanks for hosting!

  9. Love your joy! And yes, your nephew is soooo cute! xo


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