Capturing Joy Paaarrtttaaay

Well, hello there.
You have no idea how bad I wish I could say that with a perfect English accent.
People, please come teach me.
Especially if you are from England.
We should totally do a Vlog link-up party sometime of all our best accents.

Speaking of Vlogs {Video Blog} I tried to do my first one this week.
It somehow ended with me being out of breath from doing the Cupid Shuffle for you all.
Needless to say, the husband was not allowing me to post it for the world to see.
Vlog Hater.
Maybe someday I will be allowed to show off that masterpiece...

Okay, time to get my booty back on track to the point of this post.
{All capitals mean I am really, really, excited}

What is the point of these posts?
Well funny you ask-let me tell you.
If you are like me, you carry your camera EVERYWHERE.
When I see something that makes me smile, I want to capture it.
And because I am capturing these things, I want to have a place to document them.
Insert Friday's "Capturing Joy" link-up party on this blog.
The goal is while you are out about doing your "normal daily duties" you will find yourself appreciating and noticing the little things just a little bit more.
With all that said, allow me to introduce you to my first set of joyful pictures:

I might've walked into my neighbors yard to take this picture yesterday ;)
My baby.
Ahhh...evening sunsets =)
My man...doin' manly things. Owww Owww.
Act like I could have a joyful post without mac & cheese.
The shape mac & cheese inside it's little mac & cheese bowl.

It's magic-
I looked through all those pictures and now my whole body is smiling.
Have you ever seen a whole body smile?
Kinda awkward but whatevs.

Now go gather up your happy pictures-
post them on your blog along with this button:

and link up below.

Can't wait to see the joy you have captured :)

Love, Love, and More Love. 

PS. While you are out partyin' in blog land, stop by here and link up your post as well:
All the cool kids are doin' it...



  1. LOOOOOOOVE the pic of the grass and the sunset!!! You are getting GOOD girl!


  2. that sunset--awesome! i can almost feel the joy and it makes me miss Indiana :). thanks for linking up!

  3. The picture of the flowers and the picture of the sunset are my favorite! & of course I love me some mac and cheese.

  4. Wonderful pictures!! So much joy :)

    Also, I wanted to thank you for posting a link to a header and button tutorial a few days ago. They were both extremely helpful and I was able to create some fun new things for my blog!!! I gave you a shout out here:

    THANKS!! Have a great weekend!

  5. Love all the joy in those pictures :) I will link up next week ...too tired to post today and counting down the hours until the weekend. I'm sure you know how that goes!!

  6. I love the grass and sun shot and the flower one too! Great work!
    Ohhh, and your puppy is adorable.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Hi Erin! Just found your blog through Writing on a Whim! Love these pictures!! I too carry my camera everywhere and have random assortment of pictures because of it! Cute idea for a link up party! I'll have to link up next week with some of mine! :) You now have a faithful new follower! :)

  8. stumbled across your blog. so cute. I think i'm your newest follower! also your puppy is very cute!

  9. I lived in Scotland for five months this past year. A British accent is hard to fake. But one thing you can adopt without them looking at you all funny-like is to say 'ta' instead of thank you, or goodbye. All the lovely British men say 'ta, love,' and it's so wonderful! I still catch myself saying it. And that's a pretty joful thing :)

  10. Found you via hollie rogue link up - I love photography link ups! I love looking at beautiful pictures.. the pic of the sunset with the grass and the sun.. wow.
    And the mac n cheese.. haha!
    As I was typing this I decided that I wanted to link up. Gonna try it :)

  11. And just had to say: woot woot! 300th follower right here!! Congrats, your blog is so cute!

  12. I have been doing a link up party like this for the past few months and sometimes only get one or two link ups. I need to get more followers and get the word out more. Maybe we could combine the link up parties sometime?!

  13. holy freakin jsdfjdsoi! that sunset photo...woooooooooow I would be bragging all over town if I took it haha. you've sold me on this camera..


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