Capturing Joy Kickoff

I am SO uber excited for today
{Guiliana Rancic talk coming out there}
Today marks a new beginning-
a new link-up party-
one that is here to STAY.
No more two week business...
this my friends, will last a lifetime
{or at least until I get sick of it}
Every Friday around these parts is now all about showcasing pictures that bring you joy-
whether it be from the past week--months-or years, I don't care.
Here is the deal-I carry my camera EVERYWHERE.
I take pictures of whatever makes me smile at every given notice.
And now I want to keep record of my shots of joy.
Hence "Capturing Joy" link-up party.
To kick this party off-I have one of my all-time favorite bloggers
to talk about the difference between Happiness & Joy..
and to showcase a few of her favorite pictures that bring her joy.
Without further ado, here is the beautiful/talented/inspiring Jamie-
Hello Friends!!! 
My name is Jamie and I am the Blissfully Happy Housewife
I am sooo very honored to be gracing Erin's blog today because....well...
quite honestly I think she rocks. 
Her enthusiasm is contagious.  She sees the simple things in life and embraces them...a chat with a friend, a beautiful flower, a good martini
(actually, we both seem to love good martini's...but that's a whole different blog post)!
Sooo today I'm going to talk to you about just that....happiness. 
We all know it's easy to see the bright side of things when everything is just peachy, but what about when everything is not going your way?! 
 A while ago I read an article on happiness vs. joy and it really made me think. 
I love stuff like that...little nuggets of info that just swirl around in your brain for a bit. 
When you consider happiness and joy, you would think they are the same thing wouldn't you?
I did too for a long time until I made the realization that they are both quite different. 
After some thinking here is what I came up with...
HAPPINESS is having all of the laundry done and the house cleaned....JOY is having a pile of laundry and a messy house, but realizing how fortunate I am to have a house to live in and people I love to do laundry for.
HAPPINESS is a beautiful warm sunny day....JOY is a rainy day and seeing that it allows the my little ones and I a day to splash in puddles or curl up and play games.
HAPPINESS is taking the perfect photograph....JOY is knowing I have the skills to keep learning.
HAPPINESS is one whole night of uninterrupted sleep....JOY is getting up for the 5th time and saying a silent prayer thanking God for entrusting me to care for my two beautiful children.
Happiness may warm us, but JOY creates that fierce heat of emotion that takes our breath away. 
 JOY is a constant simmering bubbling thing just under the surface.
JOY is with me when I am stuck in traffic and my daughter is going to be late to school...when I run out of milk for breakfast...when my children have been whining all day long...when my laundry is piling up by the minute.
Joy is there just underneath the frustration or anger or impatience I feel as a fleeting emotion.
A CHOICE to see the BRIGHT SIDE of things. 
A CHOICE to seek the GOOD in every situation.

Is it easy?  Not always...and it takes a concious effort.
But I promise you it's worth it. 

"If you want to be happy, be."
--Leo Tolstoy

Amen sister. Amen.
That was so good wasn't it kids?
Come back next Friday to link up your joyful pictures.
I can't wait to see what makes you smile.
Wishing you the most joyous weekend ya little jelly beans.
PS. Go show Jamie some love over here
{And by that I mean whip out your manners you learned as a three year old and say
 "thank you" for this wonderful post!}



  1. This reminds me of the song we use to sing when I was little...I've got the Joy, joy, joy,joy down in my heart. Where? Down in my heart. Where? Down in my heart to stay!! Silly little song but so powerful! It is a mind set and something to be aware of because there are so many things around us daily that want to take that JOY! I am reminded by this post to be FULL OF JOY! Thanks ladies!

  2. completely awesome and so fitting for your blog! love jamie and I'll be linking up next week (or maybe even this weekend if i can get it done!)

  3. YES YES I love this link up! fabulous idea..you are so smart :)


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