Bracelets, Watermelon, and Booty Smackin..{Minus The Booty Smackin}

Can we stop for a moment and appreciate the word "Word".
So effortless, so flawless, and yet so very versatile.
You wanna say hey-say word.
You wanna agree with somebody-say word.
You wanna say something profound but nothing comes to mind-say word.
{In today's case, I used it for reasons number 1 and 3}
K, well now that I got that English lesson out of the way, let's make up for lost time shall we?
And by lost time I am referencing missing out on Miscellaney Monday yesterday.
I kinda love Miscellaney Mondays because it allows me to not have to think about something so highly inspirational to write about.
Everybody needs a break from being so motivating all the time ya heard?
{Sarcasm people, Sarcasm}
With all of that being said, lets get this Miscellaneous shaz started.
One other English lesson real quick-
Shaz=word you say when you don't say curse words.
Okay, I am taking off the teacher hat now I promise...
So I saw this awesome tutorial here on how to make these bracelets:
I swore I was going to bust out my crafty bones and make one.
But then, I stumbled into Kohls and saw this beauty for $2.40.
Needless to say-my crafty bones will not be coming out soon.
However-My lazy, love good deals bones came out and had a blast paying for this sucker.
They are having even more fun wearing it.
Sorry tutorial, but my time and money do not apologize.
We bought a watermelon yesterday.
As I carried it into the house from the car, the only thing I could think about was
"Holy crap. So this is what it feels like to have a baby come out of you..."
Except the watermelon wasn't actually coming out of me-I was holding it remember.
Regardless, I started feeling pains in parts I've never felt pain before.
Thank you watermelon for extending my desire for child birth an additional 
two {hundred} years.
{If you couldn't tell, my husband is a mean watermelon cutter. Kids got talent.}
Is this not the best invention ever?
Maybe if I had that under my feet, I would stop taking this approach:
Probably not though.
Is it pathetic I get envious of retired people on a regular basis?
Let me answer this.
And by that I mean yes, it probably is.
Speaking of Retirees-sometimes my man and I like to play like we are 80 and attend car cruise-ins.
They are a fun in a boring kind of way.
Two things I learned about myself while perusing the aisles of old cars:
1. I take approximately 9 million pictures too many when attending these events.
It is a great way to trick all the old folk into believing I am some car fanatic and know a thing or two about their 1926 Chevelle.
Fortunately, I don't know even know what a 1926 Chevelle is or if it even exists.
2. Getting to stand on a really big rock..rocks.
I pretty much felt like owned that car cruise in.
Looking back, yeah-I totally did.
So not to brag or anything about how amazing my husband is...
but he totally shampooed the inside of my car and did a full clean out of it the other day.
Okay you are right, I did intend to brag about how amazing my husband is.
My booty has never felt better sitting on those poo'd seats.
{It means shampooed seats}
It was just a lot more fun to say poo for all obvious reasons.
On a more serious note-being an Indiana girl and all, I find it necessary to ask for you to please pray for the families and friends of those who were killed and/or injured at our State Fair this past weekend. Watching the video of the stage collapsing makes me sick to my stomach and I can not even begin to imagine how those involved are feeling after such an accident.
Life is so very precious friends.
Do Not Forget It.
....Sorry to end on a somber little note there.
To cheer you up click here.
You can win a Target gift card.
Except you won't actually win, because chances are good I will.
That is an evil laugh...except without the B.
I will never.ever.ever type BAHAHAHA.
Because guess what?
I can't stand that.
Just sayin'.
Next time when you laugh and it comes out with a B in front of it let me know.
I would be interested in knowing if that actually happens.
...And on that note, I sound really bitter.
I'm not.
I promise.
Except if you BAHAHAHAH in my face.
Then I might be :)
Duh, speaking of giveaways-I kinda forgot I have one going on right now too.
Double dog dare ya.



  1. Well...Thanks for the link...I love me some Target. :) And thanks for the laughs!!! I loved the English lessons. :)

  2. I can always count on your posts to make my laugh on the inside. Who am I kidding? Outloud too. Loved your post today and my prayers go out to the family and friends involved in that accident.

  3. oh my gosh you're so darling!! i love you!!

  4. I will never think of watermelons the same way...it is so true.


  5. You need to stop buying things that will put off your future babies! Not good, not good at all! And please send the shampy-shawny to my house to clean my car. thank you mucho

  6. $2.40 from Kohls?! Awesome! Wanna send me one? I DOUBLE DOG dare you hahah jk. Super cute! F21 has some similar ones..but they are like $4.00. I may be able to afford that LOL

  7. BAHAHAHA...uh, oops...I mean...lol?

    Your watermelon picture and caption have successfully scared the crap out of me. All maternal instincts have fled and I am now actively considering adoption. Chinchillas...babies...those are practically the same thing, right?

  8. I love your blog! You are just too funny! I found you via The Shine Project but I'm pretty sure I'm here to stay! My Hub dragged me to an old car show one time. Let's just say that the high light of it was getting an ice cream cone afterwards. Talk about snore sesh!

  9. whoa that treadmill desk is intense! Such a great idea but I feel like I'd totally cause an accident when not paying attention!

  10. seriously. thanks for the tutorial. secondly... those car shows are craaazzyyyy. but fun.

  11. The car show is great. I'm always fascinated to see old cars display in car shows looking so new. Thanks for sharing.


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