Awkward & Awesome Thursday

That means it's Thursday.
Which means it's almost Friday.
Which means the weekend.
Which brings me back to Waaaaahhhhoooooo.
You know what time it is folks.
Drumroll please....


1. As you may recall, my man and I attended a Keith Urban concert this past Sunday.
I am a full out "Woop Woop" girl-meaning after every.single.song I let out a nice WOOOOP WOOOP {or something equally as exciting}.
The gentleman next to me was not feeling it.
And by gentleman I mean 6 Foot 250 Pound Man of Muscle who rides Harleys for a living. He decided to stand next to me-arms crossed-and glare his eyes of fire at me for a length of time-you know for me to "get the point".
 My getting the point was wanting to ask him to stay in that pose so I could snap a picture of him to show to you wonderful buddies of mine.
Except I didn't because I wanted to have teeth this week.
So instead-I laughed and continued with my Woop Woops.
Keith appreciated it...Biker dude, not so much ;)

2. Those times when you go potty (dog terms for pee)-and you think
"What in the world is going on?"
And it suddenly hits you-"Ooooh...that's right, I ate asparagus for dinner."

3. Driving along and witnessing this:
{Mind you-this was like 10 stories tall} 
Now please think to yourself.."How is that cat going to get down from there?"
Except don't look to me for an answer because I am still trying to figure that one out.
{Is it wrong I took a picture of this?}

4. This is a given, but texting somebody that you happen to be talking about.
My situation went a little like this:
Me: Texting girlfriend {so I think} about a guy I work with and how cool he thinks he is
{which I was saying is not the case..}
Man I accidentally texted: Walks out of his office-holding cell phone-and asks me
"What is this about?"
Me: Peeing my pants a smidgen and responding with "Ooh...it was a joke. Ha. Ha. Ha"
Man: Not laughing, turns around and goes back into office.
Me: Still peeing.

5. On my way home from work last evening I passed a gentleman mowing with a giant sombrero on his head. Thankfully Google Images provided me with a complete replica.
The fiesta happened to take place two minutes prior to me almost hitting somebody while driving in our neighborhood
{I might've been checking out my sunglasses at the time of the near fatal crash}.
Needless to say, it was an interesting drive home from work.

6. Speaking of my sunglasses-this is how I wore them in public without realizing.
That's not embarrassing or anything.


1. Speaking of that concert I attended-During Keith's "I want to kiss a girl" song my genius husband leaned over and told me "I think he is singing this song about you...."
I did mention my husband is a genius right?

2. You know those times when you have a smile plastered on your face for no reason at all and it just won't stop? I had that happen-all yesterday morning actually. Although, after doing a little bit of soul searching to determine where that smile is coming from, I concluded it definitely had to be from the delectable Hash brown Casserole I ate for breakfast.
Recipe to come.

3. All of you bird killing readers. I didn't think I would get an actual response to my first question in this post but wowzas! 20+ of you have miraculously found a way to smash all incoming birds while driving. I would say good job but that would make me sound like a bird hater, and I'm not. At least I don't think?
I suppose my giggles at all of your stories kinda make me one.
If you want some good "dead bird" tales, check out the comments from this post.
Cheap entertainment at it's finest there kids.

4. My boo.
So I like the guy. What of it?
Apparently he likes Bridgestone better, but whatever.
We're normal.

5. My new Anthropologie mug-compliments of my sweet Southern Dancing Queen.
I could kiss that thing for hours.
Don't mind if I do.
{Apron compliments of that little missy as well}

...K, well that's all I feel like writing for now.
Hope you are cool with it.
And if you aren't, go stick yourself in a refrigerator.
To cool down ya heard?
{I really need to stop saying such stupid things...chances are real good that won't happen}

Happy Thursday Quack Heads.

PS. Quack heads was inspired by the cute little picture of a duck I had in my head a minute ago.
Meaning I just called you cute ;)
..Back to that whole "stop saying stupid things" thing. FAIL.

PSS. I started 30 Day Shred tonight.
I am committing myself to do it for the next 30 days straight.
Other than my dog puking right next to my face while doing crunches and my legs feeling like complete jello, I'd say I'm off to a pretty good start.
Wish me luck.

Oh, you have an awkward & awesome post too?
Link it up.



  1. I have texted the wrong person on more than a few accounts! haha its soo awkward! and the sombrero guy... well my dad wears a huge hat (not a sombrero but close enough) when he is out in the yard and its just so funny!

    Love your new mug btw! I really want one!

    Also good luck on the shred! keep us posted on how it is going for you! :) love!

  2. Your awkward and awesome are always the best! Just love them. :) Sombrero? For reals? Just lol-ed.

  3. Super jealous of the concert you went to! Nice to know there are still country lovers out there :)

  4. OK, dying lauging over here - I absolutely love this blog entry. I am totally going to have list some of my awkwardnesses (is that a word?) Do you know how many times I have sent a text to the wrong person - omg it sucks!!! lol. I love it girl, can't wait for next week :)

  5. hilar as per usual. I love the necklace you are wearing in the car!

  6. First, my problem is sometimes I send the text about someone TO that person, because they're on my mind. Awful.

    Second, I'm concerned about that cat. Can we get a follow up?

    Third, I have really been wanting to start the Shred again because my shins have had about enough of the pavement this week. If I don't Shred (yes, it's a verb) everyday, will you yell at me to keep me on track?

  7. Officially my favorite blog! Don't lose your spunk!!!

  8. hi Erin!

    Awesome - getting the best email from you right in the middle of my busy, over piled high with paperwork workday! thanks so much for the sweet comments, i was literally dancing in my chair, doing an "oh yeah, baby!", which may have been a little awkward for the customers coming in! (not for the co-worker's though - they think i'm nuts most day cause i can never hold my excitement in!)

    Big fan of you and your blog!


    Ps... it's thursday... today. ;)

  9. Love your list! It had me giggling so hard that the bf actually sat up from his near slumber (we're in bed) to see what the heck was so funny!

  10. haha I love this... you and your hunny have such a fun relationship!

    I gave you an award because you're just so awesome!



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