6 Month Bloggiversary {Woop Woop}

181 Days..
152 Posts..

And tons of new friends later...
The 6 month anniversary of this little bloggy blog has finally arrived.
I am so glad that I took action {only a mere 8 months after writing the entry above} to create my own Blogger account, and publish my very first post.
Never {ever} did I guess it would turn into what it has.

Back on my 1 Month Anniversary, I established a few {which translates to 10} things I had learned about the blogging world.

I had some master plan of expanding on that today to discuss
"What it takes to become BIG in the blogging world.." and well, then..that didn't happen.

It is all because this guy decided to keep me up into the wee hours of the morning:

Let me tell you though, it was totally worth it ;)
I always knew he put on a good show & had a ton of energy but pheeewww...
He wore me out.

...Anyhow, the real point of this post:
Thank you for the past 6 months.
I have grown to appreciate, admire, and love
so so many of you.
When I say you light up my life...I mean it.

Thank you all you little light bulbs.
Keep on shinin'

PS. This kiss was totally for you guys-Keith just happened to be in the direction I was facing ;)

PPS. Per Little Miss Bloggy's request-I am taking her out for martinis tonight.
It is a good thing her momma is in a Martini club that happens to be meeting tonight.
Please tell little bloggy to take it easy...she needs to bring her "A" game the rest of the week.

Happy Monday Superstars.
Love you all.



  1. So glad you started your little bloggy and we've become such good friends! mwahhh!

    hope you told Keith hello from his real babygirl (me) hehe

  2. Happy blogaversary! I'm glad I've found you recently and am excited to read more!

  3. Aw, one of my country boyfriends! Shhh... don't tell my husband ;)

    I LOVE your blog! new follower!



  4. Congrats! So exciting! I hope my little bloggy will be as successful! Happy Monday :) XO

  5. i am so glad you started your blog! happy anniversary!

  6. Love me some Keith Urban. sooo handsome!

  7. Well I am your newest follower - found your blog tonight and I love it so far, cannot wait to read more. XOXO

  8. Happy 6 Months!!! (again I am so sorry I am so late)

    I just read your 1 month anniversary and it cracked me up because everything you said is so stinkin true! Like always bein in blog mode. I swear the thought "I'm so blogging this" runs through my head a million times a day! And I am completly guilty of looking at my stats every 15 min! Haha

    Anyway girly I am so happy for you and how much this blog has grown! I can't wait to keep reading for many many more months to come!

    Love ya! Xo


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