You Are Cordially Invited...

It's Friday Little Bitties.
Okay, seriously...how cute is being called a little bitty?
{Husband, remember this one}

To be honest...I really haven't given a smidgen of a thought to what I wanted to share with ya'll today.
Weird I know since normally I have such inspirational, life changing subjects to talk about.
I think I am too jazzed up about my upcoming weekend to actually allow a nerve in my brain to think a thought.
Now I don't even know if we have nerves in our brains?
I suddenly feel like an idiot that I either just said we have nerves, or questioned that we don't.

If I were smart I would cut my losses and end this post right now but guess what?
Instead, I have decided to have a party.

That's right.
YOU are invited to my party...that is being held right here, right now.

Let's get this party started shall we...
Please, grab a cocktail {or 3}

...and fill your plates with whatever little tid bits look appetizing to you and your tummy
{which better be EVERYTHING, I spent hours on these creations}.


Oh real quick, please indulge in your favorite party favor.
You deserve it-don't be bashful.

Now please, follow me where we will sit, eat, drink, and be merry for the next several hours...

I know I know, I totally outdid myself.
If only I wasn't so creative and spent days making those pom pom balls, covering my own pillows with all the cutest fabrics, and refinishing that old piece of furniture just to use as a stand for more food and drinks that I wanted sitting in a field of grass.
I really need to find other hobbies....

I did mention we would be out here for hours right?

I hope you brought your suits because guess what I decided to have put in this week just for your pleasure?

You can thank me later for that.

Pheeeewwwww-That swimming wore me out.
Or maybe it was 8 cocktails I had?
Either way, I'm off to bed.
Meaning time for you to leave.
Drive home safely kids..

See you again for my Fall Harvest party...just wait to see what I come up with for that one ;)

Good luck trying to outdo the party you just attended.
{It's not gonna happen so don't actually try...}

PS. While my husband is off participating in activities such as:
and this:

I however, will be doing much more fun items such as:
and this:

Jimmy Buffet Concert-Eat My Shorts.
You have nothing on lounging pool side-cocktail in hand-with girlfriends, dining out with some of those I love the most, and most likely getting an airbrush tattoo, or three.
{I go all out when the hubby is gone...}

Okay, well you may have a really cute inflatable monkey that I will miss out on...
 leis around my neck,
and really obscene concert goers,

but still.

Guarantee I will wake up feeling much better than he will.

PPS. I found a home for sale that I totally fell in love yesterday.
Naturally, I drove to it to peep in all the windows
{not creepy at all}
and after prancing around the property, I hopped back in my vehicle, and backed out...
Right into their fence.
{Somehow, some way the car and fence were unscathed}
It hurts to be this smooth.



  1. You are too cute! I love your blog and I think drinking cocktails by the pool is much more fun than a Jimmy Buffet concert!!

  2. hahahah I think my awful driving stories yesterday rubbed off on you yesterday! Must've! You are so smooth though to not have a mark on either. PROPS!

    My friends went to the JB concert this past week and really enjoyed it. I NEED to have a relaxing weekend this weekned. otherwise.I. may. die.

  3. love this post. I will come to your party anytime.

    I've always wanted to go to JB concert. Looks like fun - although louging by the pool is idea of fun as well :)

    have a good weekend!

  4. You seriously know how to make me laugh. Glad you didn't get caught. :)

    Wishing I was that large man right now..I hate working on Fridays!

  5. haha, lovely party:)

    did you get that guys #?? would love to go on a date with him and im pretty sure the hubs would say ok!

    oh em gee! you backed into the fence! Your face must have been priceless!! Glad everything turned out ok!

    happy friday, besos!

  6. Best party I've been to all year! Thanks for being the best hostest ever!! ;) I can't wait for the next one!!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend relaxing! And keep bein smooth! Haha you might be turning into Katie and driving through a garage next! lol jk


  7. Umm this party was amazing! No but seriously, I want to have a party like this!?! How cute!!!~ xoxo

  8. You're hilarious!! I love the party, it was so much fun :)

  9. Love this post! You are too funny! Btw thanks for the awesome party :) I had the time of my life!


  10. You are so stinking funny! Thanks for the party, with 3 kids I do not get out much so this was so fun. HAHA Hope to catch up soon! Love ya Erin

  11. i just found your blog and it's adorable! &&you're about me is just as great! the watermelon ice cream things are cuuute--i want to try and make them! we'll see how that goes :)

  12. I'm so upset over missing your party Friday.


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