Workin' Double Duty

The day that I have been anticipating since 6:35 am Monday morning has finally arrived.
Woop Woop.
Not only do I have Saturday off-I have Sunday Off-And Monday-
And I am off at noon on Tuesday.

So yeah, needless to say 3 1/2 day weekends tickle my fancy.
And have I ever told you how much my fancy loves a good tickle?

Well the real point of this post was not to sit and brag about how fun of a weekend I am about to have eating Popsicles, watching fireworks, and lounging lakeside..

...but to let you know that I am over Here today.

As in get your booty off my blog and go there. Stat.

Oh but real quick-in case you were dying to know what the birthday boy and I did to celebrate his 27th year of life let me give you a peek:
Yes. Mr. Sugar Cakes thought it would be a fun celebration to plant 14 Arbor Vitae's in our backyard.
We may or may not have a different idea of how to party but lets be honest-
it was kinda fun, and I got dirt under my nails which obviously means I worked my tail off.

Oh, and we ate at a very fancy Chinese restaurant that had vinyl tile plastered all over the walls.

Speaking of plastered and how fancy of a dining establishment it is, our drinks came in plastic glasses.
Without straws none the less.
Does that gross anybody else out besides me?

And to top things off, the birthday boy turned purple from laughing his little hyena head off at the stupid piece of chick flied lice that was stuck to my chin without me knowing.

Just for the record-Chick flied lice is chicken fried rice-just with the flies and lice included which I am pretty sure are the real ingredients.

On that delicious note-go see me at Alexandra Rose.

I am teaching you all how to be crafty because if you haven't heard-
my middle name is now Creative.

Happy Weekend My Little Firecrackers!

PS. Just as I went to post this sucker today I noticed....
There is no better way than this to celebrate this little bloggy's 5 month Anniversary.
Thank you beloved readers.
I love every single 1 of ya.

..I can now add "purchase camera" to that mix of what is going on this weekend.
Weeeeee dizzle.
 Can't wait to show ya what I get-she is a beauty let me tell ya :)



  1. Have a happy holiday weekend!! I'll be enjoying mine complete with sparklers, grillin' goodies, and maybe a bottle rocket or two!

  2. nothing like a good tree plantin' to say happy birthday!! have a happy 4th :)

  3. Congrats on 200 followers and have a great weekend off!


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