Wishin' & Lovin' Take 2

Aloe There.
Time of our second annual Wishin' & Lovin' Post.
I am not sure if "second annual" is the right term given the fact this will appear weekly,
but please just go with it.
I am in NO mood for debates right now.
{Ha, I just like saying that. I think it makes me sound tough? Or maybe full of PMS?
Which thank the Lord is not the case. Turns out I am just tough..}
Anyhow, I hope a few of you decide to join in the fun this week because well,
a party alone is really no party at all.

I wish that I knew more about History & Geography...but I love that my lack of knowledge creates very entertaining trivia moments between the man and I. Who in the world knew that Independence Day is celebrating our freedom from England and not from France?
 I'd like to think of it as I leave much room for that whole
"learn something new everyday"
rule in that cranium of mine.

I wish that I didn't want to spend every single second outside in the sun because I know it can't be healthy for my skin...but I love that if I am outside it means I am calm, care-free, relaxed, and daydreaming about any little thing I want to.
And it also means I am not tending to any real responsibilities, because let's be honest-
Responsibility can be a tad bit overrated sometimes.

I wish that I actually knew how to take quality photographs...but I love that it doesn't stop me from capturing every moment possible-good or bad. Aperture what?
I like this pretty little diddy I took in our backyard.

I wish that my skin would stop breaking out like a teenager...but I love that it means I get to go shopping for new beauty products, which leads to not only new soap but new make-up, which leads to new clothes..and more than likely new shoes. Booyah acne.

I wish that my internet would work for more than 5 minutes at a time...
Really, I just wish that. No love behind that statement.

K kids. I am stickin' to 5 of those suckers.
When our Internet decides to behave every now and again,
a line suddenly forms in our house.
Guess who's turn is up?

On the bright side-when the Internet acts goofy, it totally allows for more moments in front of the TV cuddled in a blanket with a paper plate full of nachos and melted cheese.
Maybe I do have a little bit of love for this whole matter after all?
Time to link up baby cakes.

PS. Remember how I said Aloe There at the beginning of this message?
It was for darn good reason.
You should see the work the sun did on my skin today.
I am one hot tomato.



  1. Your posts always make me smile...they are quirky and fun! Once I figure our how to do all this "linking-up" biz, I will totally join in on one of these. Sorta wishing there was a "Blogging for Dummies" book out there, but then again, I suppose that is what google is for....


  2. love the sky picture - and i'm with ya on spending too much time in the sun. my skin will hate me one day - but until then... i soak it up! i was in your neck of the woods yesterday (and by that i just mean your state... vast area, i know ;))

    have a fabulous thursday doll!


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