When The Husband's Away...

So the other morning I woke up and I'll admit-I might've prayed
"Lord...send Shawn away this evening".
I love the kid, really I do.

But sometimes-a girl just needs some alone time.

And guess what-that good Lord listened and apparently agreed I needed some "me" time as well.

Shawn came home after work and announced he was headed to a friends house to do "man things" for the evening-which I am pretty sure consists of standing around with a cold drink in hand talking about motors and things of that nature?

I think I jumped up and down inside my brain for a minute but reluctantly told him to go & reminded him how much I would miss him.

Okay I lied, I don't think I actually said I would miss him..it was more along the lines of
"Oh my gosh I was secretly hoping you would be gone tonight...I am soooo excited."
I know, I need to stop being such a sweetheart.

So he left....

and this is what happened:

{...After I picked up every square inch of our house making it feel spotless for a mere 2 hours before the man returned home and dropped his pockets on our kitchen counter.
I might be a little OCD in that department...}

This girl relaxed...

I love that it is a time for me to do whatever I want...
Dim the lights-
burn some candles-
listen to my favorite music {and not have the TV on}-
brew up some of my favorite tea-
slap these nourishing little eye pads over my eyes-
lay down-
and just be still.

It was just what this girl needed...

Kinda looks like a romantical little paradise huh?

Maybe I should pull those stunts when the man is home ;)

Probably not though....he may not leave if that is the case and we all know that is not the goal{most of the time ;)}

Hunny, if you are reading {which if you know what's good for ya, you are}...
As much as this post makes it sound like I don't enjoy your company,
I do, honestly...
99.9% of the time :)

I like to believe that other .01 percent makes me a happier, calmer, awesome(r) wife.

All for you baby, all for you.



  1. Ha I LOVE this post. That is what EVERY wife/mother needs!!

  2. LOL. looks like a great night... it's definitely good to have that alone time once in a while!

  3. i am jealous on SO many different levels! that looks like a fabulous evening :)

  4. I have found myself saying out loud "isn't there a country somewhere that needs saving?"
    I sound like a terrible wife.
    But after doing the army wife thing this long, when he's home too long we both get....antsy.
    I will still complain when he leaves for extended periods.
    But I will also encourage him to give me space when he is home...
    There is apparently no making me happy!

  5. The last line, "all for you baby, all for you." is still making me giggle! hahaha!


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