Thriftin' Like It's My Job

So ya'll remember a few weeks ago when I posted this picture correct?
Yeah, that one.
Where I bragged about the price of the dress I found at a garage sale..
{which happened to be $3}
Well, that picture kinda made me smarter.
Because it kinda made me realize-if I could get that for $3, what else could I find for cheap?
And that's when the mission began...
A mission to find the cutest, cheapest, things I could get my hands on.
And well, my lucky little hands snatched up quite a bit.
Wanna see?
Too bad if you said no-I'm showin' you regardless.
{Thrift Store $4}
{Thrift Store $9}
{Garage Sale $2}
{Thrift Store $7}
{Garage Sale $1}
{Garage Sale $2}
{Antique Store $12}
{Thrift Store $4}

..And that's how you get it done.
All those items for a whopping $41.
If that doesn't make me wanna run around like a toddler with my pants off,
I'm not sure what does.
Point being: I am falling in love with thrifting.
One good deal at a time.

Lucky me,
my favorite "Thrift" store comes equipped with the following:
That's right.
A little thing I like to call a Soda Fountain.
Equipped with Old Fashioned Floats, Malts, Banana Splits, and Sundaes..
Mi madre and I had the honor of stopping in for lunch yesterday.
Yes, our lunch consisted of a sundae and an ice cream cone.
Speaking of sundaes..one time a male friend of mine ordered one and instructed the waitress to "Hold the nuts".
I fell off my chair laughing.
Not kidding.
I seriously need to stop acting like such a grown up all the time.

...Well kids, I encourage you to get to town thriftin'.
Your bank account will thank you.
And your cheapo husband.

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Happy Weekend Thrify Nifties.



  1. wow, that dress is so perfectly you! love everything you thrifted especially those earrings! great pictures as well--thanks for linking up :)

  2. so many great finds! where did you get the dress??

  3. Those are all fabulous finds! Jealous!

  4. What the!!! You got that cute dress thrifting for $4 that fits you perfectly? AMAZING!

    I hope you use that shutter in your home to hold cards or something..would be so cute re-done!!

  5. oh how i wish we had a thrift store near here that featured anything cooler than warped tupperware tops. sheesh. i am jealous of your thrift store. there, i said it. AND a nifty little retro soda fountain to boot?? really???? count your blessings, girl! (and please never grow up and act like a grownup because i'd miss the absolute cracking up that i get to do when i read your blog!)

  6. Such great finds! I have no patience for thrifting, but maybe I should learn!

  7. LOVE the frames! And I. want. that. purse!

  8. here from The Shine project...LOVE that purse!

  9. So glad to find another thrift store super shopper! My husband used to think I was nuts but now he is glad when I only spend 4 bucks on a skirt-almost-new instead of $47.00 plus s/h. It takes time to sift thru the junk to find treasure but obviously you've got the nack. Gotta go, Salvation Army is about to open...... =)

  10. Wow! amazing stuff. I really need to get out and start thriftin it up!

  11. I'm obsessed with all of your finds!! I want to steal them all.. hehehe

  12. I love thrifting! You never know what you'll find.

  13. I love everything...especially the yellow Sundress...stunning! :) Hello from your newest follower!


  14. I literally JUST posted about my recent thrift store finds!!! LOVE IT!! I am OBSESSED WITH thrifts stores!! Cute blog!! I am your newest follower!
    Sadie Jane

  15. You are too cool. Omg. I found you through hollie rogue. I'm so gonna follow.

  16. your thrift finds are all so great! :] i did the thrifting challenge too. but i didn't post {everything} i found, but love being able to get stuff for cheap! :]


  17. LOVE your yellow dress!! like LOVE!!!!!!

  18. I went thrifting today and LOVED IT! (I even wrote about it! http://jaimiehart.blogspot.com/2011/07/nifty-thriftying.html)

    That yellow dress is so cute--I'm going to have to up my thrifting game--and I wish my stores had soda fountains...

  19. Your blog makes me smile! :) I love all your deals...and I think I might recognize a couple of them? :) :) Love that yellow dress!

  20. I love that you thrift like it is your job! That is soo great!! Oh by the way, that is my REAL job!! I work for Goodwill PR and get to shop and blog about thrifting!! You make thrift look H-O-T!

  21. LOVE thrift stores, yard sales and auctions. So fun right?

  22. Erin,

    Great idea to take photos and keep details on your Thrift Store purchases. The proof is in the puddin'!



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