Mission Accomplished: Kinda.

Let me first start saying that I am not 100% why I am writing this post right now.
It is only taking away time that I should be sunning myself and drinking Skinnygirl Margaritas but that's okay..I guess?

Anyhow, as many of you know by now-the husband and I had a deal that as soon as I reached 200 followers on this bad boy-I could get the camera I have been drooling over for months.
Well, yesterday reached that milestone.
Insert one happy clam.

So last evening I decided to drop the huge exciting plans that I had
{okay lie-I was stranded at home alone with just me and a glass of wine}
And mid-drink I thought to myself
"Self, why are you sitting here doing nothing? Today marks the day you are now "allowed" to go buy that camera. Why not take advantage of this and go purchase it NOW".
So that's what I did.
Except it didn't turn out quite that way.

Once in Best Buy I found the little baby of my dreams-told the salesperson I would like to take it home with me-and then waited for the confetti to come bustin' out of the ceiling tiles in celebration of what was about to take place.
Sidenote: Once I was in Best Buy I "upgraded" models I was going to buy because well-
6 of you decided to click that "follow" button yesterday exceeding my goal of 200 and made me feel like a total over-achiever. Thank you.

Well wouldn't ya know that punk sales guy decided to tell me they were sold out.
Is that legal?
Immediately my eyes filled with tears
{Insert conversation about how much of a selfish crybaby I am and that if this is the biggest ordeal in my life right now, I have it pretty good...}
I did the only thing I knew to do:
Namedrop Target.
I thought that this would make him immediately pull a camera out of a secret hidden place to ensure I was not about go to give another company the business.
Well, it didn't.
He let me leave.

Once at Target I realized they did not have the upgraded model I now needed.
By now the tears had dried and the only thing I knew to do was clench my teeth really hard.
So that's what I did.

Until....a boy walking next to me decided to slip on a puddle of water.
And that my friends, made my spirit do a total 180.
Immediately I knew I had to take advantage of the good endorphines running through my body and take full advantage of the Holiday weekend and make some festive purchases asap.
Meet those lovelies:
I have never been more proud to be an American.
{Now insert how shallow of a person I am for celebrating the 4th by buying a bikini and handsoap...}

Needless to say-I got home-bought my camera online-and fell asleep before 10 pm.
It wasn't nearly as fascinating as I envisioned it to all be.
On the bright side I did get to inhale some Chick-fil-a in the midst of my shopping
{I was going to take a picture of those little nuggets but realized if by some chance there is a picture of me on here in my bikini from over the weekend, you will see them nicely attached to my middle section}.

Another bright side..I found this hidden gem in my closet this morning:
I love when my shirt matches my hand signals.
Double bonus? I made it through Target this morning
 {yes I have been there twice in the last 12 hours}
and not one child pointed to me and yelled to his mother that my cheeks were hanging out of the shorts.

I like to keep it classy sometimes.

Now what was I saying about those skinnygirl Margaritas....?

PS. I apologize you just wasted precious weekend time reading this.
Now go enjoy celebrating our Country-the troops-and the freedom they have allowed us.
We are so blessed.



  1. Lol, your posts always make me happy. I hope your camera will get to you quickly!

  2. best buy secretly enjoys doing that to people. i finally convinced my hubs to let me purchase my canon 50d....went all excited-like into the local best buy. and they were out. i wanted to sucker punch the salesgirl. and then....LO AND BEHOLD, i busted out my online best buy paper that said they DID have one in stock (because homegirl DID her homework on this one!) and all of a sudden, she recalls that there WAS one hidden in a top secret spot. you gotta bust some heads and call some folks out when you are in BB. they apparently have an "inner circle" of buyers and if you're not a part of it, then you are gonna have to go a little gangster on 'em ;)

  3. yay, for new cameras! what did you get? i'm expecting to see you at Photo Friday now every week :)

  4. Yay for a new camera, Boo that you had to order it. Love the festive purchases :) And what program did you use to make the pictue? Love it. :) Happy 4th

  5. I love that bikini!! So Fourth. And I'm glad you got your camera, even if it wasn't in the moment you'd imagined!!

  6. Best Buy screwed me over on my camera too... it was a HUGE ordeal, and I will never go back there :) hooray for Target and new cameras AND 207 followers! way to go sista!

  7. um...hello cute swimsuit!! did you find that at target?! hope you have a happy fun 4th!

  8. LOVE THAT SUIT!! Never saw it at our target..must be out to get me ha ha You are adorbs!


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