Miscellaney Monday

Hi there pip sqeaks.
So glad you decided to make your way to this blog today.
So I can share with you all my miscellaneous thoughts.
That is what Mondays are for afterall.
And the Bachelorette...
where JP is clearly going to dominate.
But that's for another post...
Instead, we will jump into the complete randomness that is working in my brain today.

1. So you know when you are driving and a bird is flying right in front of you?
Is it possible that they could actually hit your car?
Like seriously, have any of you ever had a bird just fly right into your windshield when you are cruising along?
I would love to know...
Just because it's really useful information and all.
And because every braniac bird I almost hit, always manages to miraciously fly away, which leaves me pondering this question every.single.time.

2. Lesson learned yesterday: Never go to Target when your sinus's are acting crazy.
And by acting crazy I mean making your face feel like it is about to explode.
This will cause you to not think clearly {like at all} and walk away with these purchases..
{That wrapper? An individual piece of string cheese that didn't make it's way home}
To make matters worse, I used a gift card that I received for my birthday on all of the above.
Who in their right mind does that?
That's why you should never go to Target without a right mind.
Point proven folks.

3. Okay so I have an obsession. It's called Yellow & Navy.
It's also called wearing my new shorts and thrifted necklace.
Boom Shacka Lacka.

4. Why in the world do I allow my nails to grow out for two months straight,
 just to chew them off in a moment of boredom?
Dumb. But very satisfying in that moment of boredom.

5. Allow me to introduce you to my lunch yesterday:
That puppy packs a whopping 1450 calories.
At least I shouldn't have to eat for the next week...
Oh wait, speaking of food, I am kinda hungry.
{It's been an hour since I ate that meal...}
And the stupid thing got on my white tank pictured up above.
There is really nothing positive that came out of those 1450 calories.
Chalk that one up to another lesson learned.
Bite me steak N shake...
I am never coming back
{well, maybe..that Key Lime Milkshake I saw flaunted on your billboard today did look pretty delicious...}

6. Oh you want to know what I did this weekend?
Okay fine, if you must know...

First off-the boys departed for Jimmy Buffet..
Everybody say "Bye boys..please come back alive.."
So then, my mom, sister, neice, and I went and had a lovely little lunch...
Smelled some pretty flowers...
Did a little thing I like to call "Wine Tasting"...Oh, well I guess that is what it is called.
If we are gonna' be technical and all.
After a few hours in the sun, my bestie and I decided to go get tatted up.
You know, to match our gangsta lifestyle and all.
Clearly stars and a little heart were the best choice. 
{Totally airbrushed because I am a wimp like that}
After making friends at the tattoo parlor, we enjoyed a delightful dinner full of complete girl talk, and ended the evening with a few coffees
{complete with a delicious creamer called Baileys...} outside on a nice little patio.
It was pretty magical.
Oh and hey-the boys came back alive =)

7. Last but not least, this blog is in total need of a makeover.
I am so tired of the look...If anybody knows of a good blog designer, let me know.
It's about to get serious around this joint.

And that's a wrap.
I've always wanted to say that on a set of a movie.
I guess this is the best it's gonna get...
Suppose I'll take it.

Happy Monday Sweet Pickles



  1. i am the QUEEN of having birds hit my car. seriously. i ran over a duck (totally his fault. i mean, WHO changes directions midstreet with there's a car coming right at your face???), i had a bird fly into the front of my car and when i reached my destination, i had a new radiator decoration (it was macabre and NOT cute at all. poor bird still had the "shocked" expression on his face), and my personal favorite is when i was driving home from a baby-sitting job when i was in high school and a chicken fell out of a tree and hit my windshield. i do not know why he fell out of the tree because he flew off after smacking my car and scaring the ever-loving life out of me. maybe it's because my cars were totally ninja and the birds never saw me coming....or maybe it's because i've always had a lead foot and drive approximately mach 7. either way, my ride was dubbed the "feather killah" back in the day ;)

  2. I have also hit a bird!!! The darn thing just wasn't flying fast enough or my suv was taller than it expected? Either way we were both really surprised. Although it ended alot better for me than the bird. Never ever go to target without a list or mission. It never ends well for me! Love the yellow shorts!!!!

  3. You had such wonderful food to eat. The desser buffet looks wonderful.

  4. I have ran over a bird, unintentionally of course. The bird was flying towards me and I couldn't stop, and I guess he went under my car to hide. But he didn't hide from my speeding wheels. Eeek!! Please don't think of me as bird killer. :-(

  5. You didn't tell your mother that you were getting a tattoo! Oh well - I guess you're over 18 - you can do what you want. Hope you never get tired of it- but I still love you!

  6. 2 things: i ran over a bird just SITTING IN THE STREET during driver's ed. i passed anyway.

    annnd.... i think i just died seeing that you are following me! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!
    Have a gorgeous day.

  7. 1) I should NEVER be allowed in Target - even in my right mind. LOTS of $$$ gets spent there, but I just CAN'T help it ;)
    2)WHERE did you get those shorts? Yellow and navy/sometimes gray has been my obsession this summer! those shorts are fab.
    3) I am jealous that you live near a Steak & Shake.., But, it's probably better I don't since my husband and I would eat there all. the. time...

    ~ Andi

  8. LOVE the shorts!

    I think we're on the same brainwave... I also got a tattoo last week, and before that visited a winery!


  9. Had to laugh at the question about a bird flying into a car....because it just happened to us this weekend.


    It was like a Kamakazee bird.


  10. This post is so cute, and I love your blog!! Looks like you had a great weekend, and I love that blue and white dress you're wearing...where did you get it?!

  11. I'd love that maxi dress in my closet as well!! what the heck?! you are maxi QUEEN.

    the calories in that lunch will never even effect you..skinny minnie. I used a great blog lady for my design..it's on my blog!

  12. PS-Drive 4 hrs this way and we can go kayaking!! with some brews aboard.

  13. Jenn at munchkinland designs did mine...love her! You should totally check her out if you are thinking of a bloggy facelift.

    Happy monday darlin'!

  14. I totally wondered the same thing about the birds too until about a month ago and one seriously did run RIGHT into my windshield. So it can happen.

    I am the same way with my nails...just when they get long, I bite them off...WTH?! I need to stop.

    Love JP, he better win.

  15. I'm loving the maxi dress you're wearing in the wine tasting pics, so cute!!

    The 1400 calorie meal looks like it was worth it ;)

  16. You should check out thewiegands.com for a good blog designer. Casey Wiegand and Danielle from changing.lanes have teamed up and do AMAZING blog design!

  17. Hahahaha, this post made me laugh!! You are adorable! I can't believe that thing has so many calories...I'd eat it, too...and then be hungry in ten minutes.

  18. I offend wonder the bird thing too. I have had some close calls recently! All that food you guys had for lunch looks awesome....I am hungry now!!

  19. Damn birds make me duck sometimes when I'm driving! HATE IT! :) Your not alone! We also have birds run into our dining room window a lot. Some fly away, some don't. Then mysteriously they're gone within an hour? Not sure if they are just knocked out or if something comes and eats them! Its weird! The kids and I crack up all the time because let me tell you with 3 little ones my windows are NEVER clean! TEAM JP!!! m

  20. A few days ago a bird flew across... got under my car and thunked into the bottom of it or the tire. but then flew out and kept flying away. that was the first time I actually made contact with one. not quite sure how they do it. I looove that long dress you're wearing in one of those pictures! and yeah bachelorette... best part of Monday. I'm writing this while I wait for the presidential speech to end so it can come back on.. !!

  21. I have hit a bird with my car! I screamed bloody murder!

    A worse fear of mine is having a bird fly in the back window as I'm driving. I would hyperventilate!

    A good blog designer is LuxeChandelier.com. Her blog is great and her designs are pretty darn cute!


  22. I love shopping at Tarjey with a gift card...its like its free.

    Im using House 09 to redo my blog...check them out :)


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