Miscellaney Monday: Tuesday Style.

Well look who decided to take my advice yesterday and come back today?
What obedient little bumblebees you are.
Surprisingly enough, I didn't think I had a lick of anything to write about.
Apparently, I had a lot more licks in me than I realized.
Instead of increasing this novel an additional ten pages, let's get to it:

1. So I once had a dog. And then I saw a set of furniture I really liked. Turns out the owner of the furniture thought my dog was pretty cute. You know what this means? I traded my dog for the furniture. Before you go all animal rights on me, the owner of the furniture happened to be my parents. So that cute little dog remained in the family. And I now have a nice set of furniture. Wanna meet the victim dearly beloved dog?

Auww, she just smelled you and bit your face off.
Sweet little thing right?

2. My genius of a husband got me this for my birthday:

In case you aren't pickin' up what he was puttin' down, it means this:

That's right.
Me+Husband+Keith Urban in concert at the end of this month=
Me+Keith Together Forever.
Ha, just kidding.
I would never give in to Keith's request to be with me.
{which I am sure he will request soon....}
No, no never.
Not when I have this handsome hunk on my hands.

Check out the blue surrounding those corneas.
Owwww Owwww.

3. I'm thinkin' it's about time for another giveaway? All in favor say "I".
Good, pretty sure I just heard "I" coming from every which direction.
Let me get to work on that and see what I can do. I need to have my people get in touch with their people if you catch my drift.
Mafia style.

4. Speaking of awesome things gracing my blog, I am kinda in the mood for a guest blogger. Any takers?
Email me at
livinginyellow@gmail.com if interested.I am all for having others do the work for me on occasion.

5. Addicted.
Even more addicted:

6. So my hair has been growing like a weed and I couldn't quite figure out why I hadn't gotten it cut or colored in so long.
Turns out I never had an appt. scheduled.
Needless to say, I am getting it done soon and I think I'm going with this:
And then the hairdresser is going to make my face look exactly like hers too.
Oh, and sculpt my calf muscles, flatten my abs, and whiten my teeth.
It will be magical, pretty sure.

K, that's enough.
I am in some serious need of the Cupid Shuffle right about now.
On that note...I'm off.
Have I ever mentioned how good of a leg and ab workout the Cupid Shuffle is?
Try it.
And then come over to my house and we will do it all together.
Ooooh baby, imagine the possibilities.
When I say my stomach is fluttering with excitement at the thought of it, I am not kidding.

See you tomorrow my little seasoned shufflers =)



  1. We did kind of luck out with having amazing blue eyed boys didn't we? Though I get twice the blueness and more than likely triple the blueness, in about 9 weeks!

    When are you getting triple the blueness miss erin? Your nephew and soon to be niece are waiting!!!


  2. I love Jen's new haircut. It is so cute. I wish I could pull it off, but I can't. Ya see, when I want my hair to look like a celebrities, I forget that I don't have my stylist with me 24/7. Oh, and that I don't have their flawless skin or toned body. It just never works for me!

    Have fun at Keith Urban! I hear he puts on a great show!!! :)

  3. Oh I would love to see Keith Urban...what a great present! :)

    Those chips look amazing..is it lunch time yet??

  4. My jaw literally hit the ground when I read numero uno! haha! good deal tho!

  5. Let's see the furniture :)

    I love the picture for your present, adorable!!

    I'd love to guest blog...let me know!


  6. i love everything about this post! So funny! The cupid shuffle is an everyday must in my book!

  7. Your doggie is soooooo cute! :)
    You are just as gorgeous as Jennifer Aniston! I'm sure that cut will look really cute on you!

  8. Just found your blog! I love it! You're too funny. Gotta love the upid shuffle ha! Your lil doggie is too cute! & YAY for Keith Urban! ;)


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