A Little Bit Of This & A Lotta Good Deals.

Big News Folks:
No, I'm not preggo you crazy cats.
This is much more serious:
I'm doing away with the whole Wishin' & Lovin' Posts.
The whole whopping two of em' I actually did that is.
It seemed like a great idea at the time for a link-up party,
but then I realized
 "Yeah, I don't really wish a whole lot...And if I do wish it typically involves  Keith Urban, Brad Pitt, Macaroni & Cheese, and Clothes, and I would never want to fill my Blog with all of that...
Oh, wait.."

And the button I created for the whole link-up party?
Don't get me started on that.
It was wrong, all wrong.

So one of these days I know I will have some genius idea that I will actually stick with for more than two consecutive weeks, thousands of you folks will want to participate, and it will be good.
Real good.
I'll keep you posted when that day comes ;)
In fact, I think I just may have something in the works....ooo-la-la.
There is really nothing ooo-la-la-ish about it, but it did sound good.

So with all that being said, today I get to write about whatever my little brain feels like.
Lucky for you, it is back to the tremendous deals I found over the weekend.
I swear, one of these days I will find something else to talk about...maybe.

Old Navy: Total Spent $43.08
I have Groupon, Banana Luxe Card Reward Points, Old Navy Coupons, and an additional 10% savings for using my Banana Card to thank for that.
I might've held up the line for a solid ten minutes making them ring up the above in three separate transactions to use all of the discounts gushing out of my purse.
Totally worth it kids.

Kohls: Total Spent $12.81
{If it looks like I need to shave, it's because I do}
Thank you $10 in Kohls cash.
Combine you with an already clearanced shoe and you equal the price of the side order of plain spaghetti I bought for lunch one time.
Ridiculously overpriced spaghetti.
Never again.
Unless you look as cute as the shoe above, then I might eat you.

TJ Maxx: Total Spent $42.97
I am in love with my new floppy hat.
It may be unraveling a bit, but nothing that a little SuperGlue can't fix.
Who ever said clearance means perfection?
I'm even more in love with the new swimsuit cover up that will guarantee I never get lost from my husband on our cruise.
Oh and that tee?
Softest thing my stomach has ever felt.
In fear of losing it's softness, the poor thing might never get washed.

Hope you enjoyed the show.
Now go buy your own of all of the above.
I've always wanted to be a twin.
Happy saving your brains out.



  1. Cute clothes! Gotta love it when you save money! I love that black dress from Old Navy!

  2. I love Kohls...I can always find something cute from there! I love all of your finds!

  3. I wish I had luck at TJ Maxx! Your finds are too cute.

  4. TJ maxx and I have a great relationship. I can always find like 5,749 things to come home with. If you're wondering, I do take home all of that, all of the time. haha

    Love your newww clothes!!!

  5. "Happy saving your brains out." hahaha I hope you said that with a dead serious, straight face, because that makes me laugh. You got some AWESOME deals...makes me excited to shop now that classes are over and I have some extra time :)

  6. I'm obsessed with that cover up!


  8. OMG, so jealous of your sweet deals! I am always on the hunt for some sweet deals, but it looks like you took all of them! :) Great finds!

  9. I just got a new floppy hat too! Aren't they the best??

  10. Can you please be my personal shopper?! You are like the deal findin queen! Love everything you got! Yellow shorts are awesome!! You are defiantly gonna be styling on your cruise!

    Loves ya!

  11. Great finds! I am not a good bargain shopper...especially at TJ Maxx. Ours is kinda junky and I just don't do well with sorting through all that crap! I like to look through nice organized racks haha! :)


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