It Would Be Cool If I Could Think Of A Title..

Here ye Here ye.
I have an announcement to make today:
I have decided to fore go the normal "Awkward & Awesome" post for today.

I simply didn't really feel like writing one today and lucky for me-
I call the shots around here.
I also believe that in order to keep things good-fresh-funny,
you gotta take a break from it every once in awhile.
So in celebration of gettin' fresh
{oops, I mean staying fresh}..
I've decided to have a party for ya'll....

...That apparently is going to happen tomorrow.
I don't get angry that often, but right now, I am angry.
Ya see, I just had this whole post almost DONE. As in done-zo.
And wouldn't ya know..our handy dandy I want to kick it in the face Internet connection quit and lost everything.
Did I mention I am angry?

Don't you fret chicken littles...
I will be back in full swing tomorrow.
In the mean time, I should probably leave you with some highly profound thoughts I've had running through my head this past week.
I mean I can't keep these thoughts to myself forever right?

1. So I have a darn sliver in my thumb right now..which would be awesome if it came from the bench Michael Jordan sat on court side during his glory days, but it's not.
It is from a thorny bush we have in our yard. Somehow it maneuvered it's way under my skin where it has decided to camp out for a few days. If I've never told you before I'm not a huge fan of camping, or slivers for that matter so really this is a lose-lose situation all the way around.

2. Well kiddos, I've made a new best friend. Friends, I introduce you to Netty Pot.
Or Little Miss Netty as I like to refer to her. Kinda like Little Miss Momma.
Except not as cute and crafty as her.
Anyhow, me and Netty have really hit it off recently.
If you aren't sure what this beauty is, it's a teapot looking contraption that you fill with salt water {although I'm kinda thinking there is something additional than salt in those packets they provide you...turns out whatever it is I am kinda addicted to}

You simply stick that pot up your nose, tilt your head, and watch the water flow out your other nostril, which is supposed to open up your Sinus's.
It really is quite entertaining and probably deserves a tutorial on this blog.
Pictures to come. 

3. Back at a previous place of employment I demanded we start each day by doing the
Cha Cha Slide. Hands down best demand I've ever given.
Nothing spells ca·ma·ra·de·rie {totally just googled that word to get the spelling}
 like clapping your hands and gettin' low with a bunch of co-workers.
Who needs raises when you can have this much fun?

4. "Hey yo girl..why you walkin away from me when I'm still talkin??!

That caption is a wee bit funnier if you notice the flying red block in mid-air.
I wish I could away with that stuff.

4. Enough of me rambling, please go spend more of your precious time reading this blog post. This is the kinda stuff I dream of doing.

I'm off to go do lots of fun things now..
like bash my Internet's face in.
Or sleeping.
It's whatever.
Love you dearly peaches.



  1. Hahaha, you can always make me laugh! I know what you mean about bad internet connections... SO FRUSTRATING!! I feel your pain.

  2. I will be in search of a metal chicken this weekend! I can't wait to ring doorbells and run! haha! Also, I cant bring myself to voluntarily drown myself... The netti pot scares me!!

  3. i have had several people tell me that a netti pot will change my existence on this planet....but i'm afraid to become the first netti pot casualty so i haven't braved a try yet. maybe one day!!

  4. Matt uses the Neddi Pot RELIGIOUSLY! It helps out with his allergy symptoms more than anything else he's tried! I tried it once and swore I was drowning. I can't stand water in my nose! I just laugh because it looks absolutely ridiculous!


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