Birthdays Make Me Fat.

Now you know why.
Darn all the sweet people in my life shoving food in my face for my birthday.
I'm really not complaining.
It was every bit delicious and appreciated.

With that,
pretty sure Miscellaney Monday is going to have to wait her turn til' tomorrow.
I'm kinda too full to type.
Instead, I'm having a photo frenzy of my weekend.
Enjoy you little maniacs.

Husband decided to be popular and get asked to be a groomsmen in a wedding
that happened to take place this weekend.
So Friday night we participated in the rehearsal dinner.
Complete with cornhole, a full moon, and a really cheesy smile from me pictured below.
All in all, the evening was a success.

Even bigger success came on Saturday.
The wedding.
Complete with the most gorgeous couple ever, the cutest little chapel, a new dress for me to wear, and a lotta booty shakin.
And I mean a lotta.
Oh, which I did barefoot, Britney Spears style.
Apparently my feet were in no mood to be in heels.
Have I ever mentioned how whenever I am barefoot I feel like a nomad?
It's pretty awesome.

And then Sunday was...
well, Sunday.
Oh, and my birthday =)
It was absolutely perfect.
Slept in, drank my Blueberry coffee on the patio, ate lunch with some cute little munchkins,
took approx. 1 and a half million pictures around my parents house
{I do not exaggerate..ever}
and then celebrated with my man by dominating the good deals at Old Navy
{more on that later},
and feasted on some mac & cheese paired with a Key Lime Pie martini.
Yup, perfect.

And there you have it.
My weekend in 100 pictures or less.
Now if you will please excuse me, I have a few more hours left to celebrate...
and by that I mean eat three more cookies with a valid excuse.

Come back tomorrow, mmmmk?

Oh and hey, thank you for all the birthday wishes.
You guys really are swell ya know that?



  1. Happy Birthday!! You deserve all of the sweetest things on that day! :] Looks like you had a lovey time! :]

  2. Happy Birthday! Mine was yesterday too! :)

  3. Glad you had a great weekend! Hailey looks funny in that picture hehe

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you beautiful!! I am just now catching up on your weekend posts and am off to comment about this bubble gum picture.

    But, first, I NEED that maxi dress. You look sooo pretty!!! Where is it from? Mail it to me, maybe? haha love ya!!

  5. New follower here! Happy Birthday! :)

    Love your dress from the wedding...gorgeous!

  6. Looks delicious! Glad you had a happy birthday :)

  7. Holy moly all of that food looks AMAZING! I'm happy you had such a great and fun-filled weekend!

  8. If I was writing this post, the title would probably (sadly) have to be "Weekdays make me fat. Oh and Weekends too." Lol. Happy belated birthday, so glad you had a fabulous weekend!

  9. HEY Happy Birthday!
    I'm a new follower and have been loving your blog since I found it... Hope ur week is as good as ur weekend was!!!
    **Caity from Teachingsfromlittleslugabug!


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