Before & After: Camera Style

Yeah, Yeah I know..
I've sorta beat this whole
"Oh my gosh I'm getting a new camera and won't shut up about it"
 subject into the ground.
I promise-after today, I will not make mention of it...
{for 48 hours}
Because the time has come my friends, that I have finally have my {skinny crooked} fingers wrapped around my new obsession.
So in honor of that, I thought I'd do a little
"Before & After" Camera style.
What you will notice is a picture on the top and a picture on the bottom.
{Get your minds outta the gutter right this instant}
The top photo happens to be the old camera {Canon Powershot SD1100}..
and the one on the bottom is a shot on the new camera {Sony NEX-5}.
Please tell me you can tell a difference...
And if you can't, then don't tell me.
I'd rather not come to terms with the fact I just blew money for no good cause.
Here goes nothin'...

And....Boom Goes The Dynamite.
Translation: Thank you Sony NEX-5 for transforming my life.
I'm in love.
....and obviously about to be the world's best photographer.
{Because if you weren't aware-all you need is a good camera-no skills required}
Sarcasm people, sarcasm.
But seriously-my life just got a whole lot brighter...clearer...sharper...you get the picture.
No pun intended.
Ha, caught me- it was totally intended.
Speaking of puns, in the midst of this post I was racking my brain for other ones to use.
Unfortunately, the only other one I came up with was this:
Push my button and I'll flash you.
Sorry, inappropriate.
On that note, I'm off to enjoy the weekend.
And by that I mean take entirely way too many pictures of meaningless items.
Why don't you do the same mmmmk?
{I more so mean enjoy the weekend}
For more hottie tottie pictures check out:
Love you all you Photogenic Phillie's.



  1. wow, that is one fancy shmancy camera! the pictures look fantastic and yes, i can see a BIG difference. so glad you linked up and can learn along with me about photography. happy weekend!

  2. Have fun....a new camera is a beautiful thing!!!


  3. Love your photos, especially the flowers. I'm in the market for a new camera, so you've given me something to check out for sure.

    I found your blog over at The Hollie Rogue's Photo Friday Link Party and will be following!

    Have a great weekend.

    Erin @ Out on a Limb

  4. The photos look good!

  5. You can totally tell! A new camera makes ALL the difference! I'm still learning how to use mine, but even just on manual, I adore it! Can't wait to see all of your new pics. :)


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