Happy 4th Sweet Thangs.

Because my Internet has decided to go a little haywire and only work for 3 seconds at a time, I decided to leave you with a little preview as to what my weekend looked like:
If the pictures don't give it away-I had a great time filled with family, friends, sunshine,  fireworks, nautical swimsuits, and multiple
 "I'm proud to be an American...Where at least I know I'm free"
moments of singing
{or yelling, whichever) with my fist in the air.

What did yours consist of?

PS. I think the Internet not working is a hint that I am not supposed to be on the computer and off doing something fun?
I think I'll take the hint ;)



  1. happy 4th girl! looks like you had a fabulous weekend!!!!

  2. Looks like a great weekend to me!! :) I have spent my weekend with family and friends as well! Just enjoying all the summer goodness! Hope you have a great evening celebrating too!

    p.s.. CONGRATS on your 200 followers! Cant wait for best buy to get their stuff together so you can get that camera!

  3. Oh my goodness I LOVE those shorts! Looks like your weekend was amazing! I just kind of hung at out @ the beach as well :D Hope today was as amazing as your weekend was!

  4. ahhhh so fun!!! Lovelovelove the swimsuit, btw.

  5. omg, my husband came home with those same american flag swim shorts the other day...i about died! He loves them : ) Happy 4th!


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