Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Welcome Welcome Readlins'.
{Kinda like gremlins...only you are reading, not acting like a monster. Hence Readlin's..
Yeah that was dumb, forget I said it.}
Finally, back to a post with a point.
Not that the past two days haven't been full of life changing information...
but clearly they had nothin' on this awkward & awesome shaz I'm about to throw at ya.
Lets skip through the small talk and get into the action.

1. The times when you walk into a bathroom stall that smells like a dead carcass-and then you have to walk OUT of the stall after doing your own business {as in pee, because that's obviously the only thing women do..minus the woman who was just in the stall before you} and you debate back and forth whether you should inform the person making their way into your stall, that the damage done was not from you.
Clearly they aren't going to find you innocent in that situation.
Unless you have a member of the Casey Anthony jury you are doing the explaining to-
in which case, you might get lucky and they will buy your crap that it indeed it wasn't you.
Pun intended with the word of crap.
{I am classy}

2. Overhearing a young girl ask her younger brother "Do you like to play with balls?! I have a whole purse full of balls...do you want to play with my purse full of balls?!"
Okay, maybe you are right-it's probably just awkward because I giggled through the whole conversation like a little school girl who has never heard that word before.

3. Going up to a "Mannequin" and you start petting their arm while saying complete
non-sense to them. Oh, except the mannequin is a breathing woman who now has no idea why you are petting her.
Been there, done that. It was weird.

4. Answering the phone at work and instead of saying "This IS Erin"..
I busted out with "This ISN'T Erin can I help you?!"
Apparently I was in the mood for a guessing game that day.
Person on the other end didn't feel like playing along-they ignored it.
Game hater.

5. Explaining to my friends how I am surprised Herbal Essence shampoo is making my hair feel greasy and being surprised because it is "The nice stuff".
As in, I thought Herbal Essence was salon quality.
I guess the $1.99 price tag should've given me a hint.
Instead, my friends laughed in my face and couldn't believe I thought it was quality material.

1. As you know, I've had a VERY stressful week going to back to back concerts.
In order to recover, I made the decision a massage is necessary.
You know...just to make sure I am prepped & primed for my back to back to concerts happening this weekend.
So, insert tonight's plans.
One hour of pure bliss.
Ahhhhh.....I feel the tension releasing from my fist pounding arms already.

2. Fair Food.

Fair Friends.

Fair Concerts.

And of course Fair Attendees.
3. Taking Glamour Shots with your father.
I'm trying to think of some clever caption right now to type here.
It's 7:28 am.
Not happening.

4. That fact that some of my favorite people are going to be decorating my sidebar soon showing off their blogs/shops.
Wahhooooo. It's gonna be a party around these parts.
Wanna get down with the rest of us?
Click here and then scroll to the bottom.
I'd love to have ya :)

Welp, there ya have it.
Another Awkward & Awesome completed.
This is what, like the 1,283th done?
Who knew way back when it would still be going on.
I guess good things really do last ;)

Happy Thursday Lovie Doves.



  1. Wow... even at 7 in the morning, you are hilarious! Loved the post! It brightened my day!

  2. Fair foood mmmmmm!!! Is it the weekend yet because my week has not been so breezy like yours. JEALOUS. Which concert have you liked the best so far?!

  3. That fair food looks awesome! And LOL @ #1 about the bathroom!

    My Life. I Guess.

  4. You are hilarious and I am SO happy I found your blog!!!

    I would have laughed hysterically about the balls in the purse conversation...for real. And that fair food is making my stomach grumble.

  5. I had those same fried chips at the fair last night! They were surprisingly good. It isn't a week at the fair with out eating more calories in one sitting than your body requires for a week. :)

  6. hilarious. I love the mannequin thing...may or may not have done something similar.

  7. This post made me laugh! And I totally would have been giggling at the purse full of balls too!


  8. Awkward: I might have just spent the past hour reading your old posts. Totally ignoring the laundry in the washer and a million other things I should be doing.

    Awesome: I havent stopped laughing for the past hour.

    Super pumped I happened upon your blog!

  9. LOVE your blog, girl. Totally following. :) Oh and fairs are awesome, I can attest to that.


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