Awkward & Awesome Thursday: In Pictures

Sweet Sassy Molassey,
can you believe it is Thursday already?
{cue the angels chorus}

I've decided to do things a little different today.
Instead of me typing my fingers to the bone,
I thought it would be fun to showcase this week's awkward & awesome moments in pictures.
Who doesn't love a little visual comic relief every now and again?
Are your eyeballs ready?
Let's do it:


 Is it just me or do the children's faces look like evil porcelain dolls?
Yikes, this is seriously disturbing.

I may have experience in this.

I pray my daughter will do something so awesome for school pictures.
Not kidding.


 I have no words.
Just lots of dirty thoughts involving men and little children.
None of which are good.

This always happens to me.
Silly singers-you would think they would know their own lyrics by now.

I'm thinking this would be a great pose for my next set of family pictures.
So natural looking.
Remember that quote I posted here?
Well my crafty
"Oh I like that quote, clearly I should make a sign now with those sentences on there"
sister created that masterpiece.
I am in need of one pronto.
For the instructions on how to make your own,
click here.

Strawberry Banana Milkshakes Baby.
Ain't nothin' better.
{Lie. A larger size would be better}
Oh, and fyi-this DQ did not have the Scream Til Daddy Stops sign hanging.

Elephant Ears.
Our County Fair is coming up.
Meaning I will be inhaling the above.
On a couple of occasions.
I am confident the things I will be sticking in my mouth will look a little more like this though
{at least lets hope or we may have a situation on our hands}:

This little concoction my aunt taught me last evening.
Watermelon squirted with lemon.
Most refreshing things to ever touch my taste buds.
Try it.

Pure sweetness.
Great grandpa with his little great granddaughter
{and my precious little niece.}
And, my heart is now melted.

6. As always,
You Readers.
{That's what I picture all you cutie patooties to look like ;)..}

Ooooh, that was fun.
Not as fun as I am about to have in bed...
Duh you crazy monkeys.
I love rattling your britches.

Now please, go have the best Thursday of your life.


Yeah, I just kissed you.




  1. I can't stop laughing...I love all of the awkward pictures this week! They are the best! Especially the "evil porcelain doll" Love this post!

    PS...A fairly new follower and loving your blog!

  2. Um, I love everything about this post. Those awkward pictures are hilarious...i definitely think you should try out the jean on jean "pile on dad" pose for your next fam picture.

  3. That DQ sign. Wow. Just wow.

    And what is an elephant ear?

  4. hahaha you are the best. so is that girl picking her nose in her school pic. I should've got one like that...damn!!

    thank you for the email info back mwahhh

  5. pretty sure this is the best awesome and awkward yet! laughed so hard at my desk at work:)

  6. oh my gosh ... I die... I die. You got these photos from awkwardfamilyphotos.com!! I can stay on that site forever and ever and ever... hahahah


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