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PS. There is a high probability that I posted this just so I could get three additional entries in each giveaway. My hopes may be that none of you actually take my advice and click on the links above.
Lesson To Learn: Extra competition is never to your advantage.
But if you must get all click happy on me...go for it.
Just expect to cry when you see my name plastered as winner all over Blogland.

{I talk a big game but really, I am just a wimp at heart}

Happy coming in 2nd place ;)

....Have the best weekend of your lives kids.



Macaroni & Cheese Please {A Recipe}

Happy Friday Pretty Bitties.
Can we all let out a nice sigh of amen for it finally being Friday.
So, this week has been....
Great, but tiring.
My bestie from Nashville decided to show her pretty little face last evening and surprise all of us Indiana folk with her arrival.
It was beyond perfect.
At the surprise of her face-I canceled my massage-and did this instead.
Sorry massage, you are going to have to wait until next week to rest my weary bones.

Because I didn't have much time to brew up some something a little more creative for today,
I thought I would share with you a recent macaroni and cheese recipe I made.
If you haven't heard, I'm on the verge of needing to admit myself into Mac & Cheese Rehab.
Except that will never happen because that is quite possibly the dumbest suggestion I've ever said.
So let's get cookin eh? 

1/4 cup butter, melted
1 cup cream cheese, softened
1 cup sharp cheddar cheese, shredded
1 cup gouda cheese, shredded
1 cup swiss cheese, shredded
1 cup muenster cheese, shredded
2 cups whole milk
3 eggs
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
1 1/2 teaspoons fresh ground pepper
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1/4 teaspoon onion powder

  • Shred all cheeses

  • Cook 2 cups macaroni noodles in salted boiling water for only about 6 minutes -
    do not over cook as they will continue to cook in the oven.
    While noodles are cooking: mix eggs, milk, cream cheese, melted butter and spices together in large mixing bowl.

    Drain noodles.
    Add noodles and all the shredded cheese to egg mixture and
    Pour into a greased 9x13 baking pan..
     {Can we just stop and appreciate what happened when I dumped the noodles out of the strainer.
    Who knew I had the talent in me to make a macaroni brain...}
     Bake in a 325 degree oven for 45 minutes.
    Serve up and enjoy :)

    Special thanks to my sister for hosting this little get together where I got to serve up the dish.
    She is a gem.
    Here are a few snapshots of the event:

    PS. While this dish was good and well received-it still hasn't beat out THIS Mac & Cheese recipe
    (Trust me friends, I have made roughly 30+ different recipes in the past two years...
    If I say it is good, it is good.)

    Now, get off this blog immediately and go to:
    for more Delicious {and much healthier} Recipes...And
    For a lot better and exciting photos.
    Minus the one of the macaroni brain. That one pretty much rocked.

    PS. If you have emailed me in the last 72 hours-I will respond.
    I just need to tame down my social life a tad..
    Expect a response in the next two days.
    Thank you for your patience ;)



    Awkward & Awesome Thursday

    Welcome Welcome Readlins'.
    {Kinda like gremlins...only you are reading, not acting like a monster. Hence Readlin's..
    Yeah that was dumb, forget I said it.}
    Finally, back to a post with a point.
    Not that the past two days haven't been full of life changing information...
    but clearly they had nothin' on this awkward & awesome shaz I'm about to throw at ya.
    Lets skip through the small talk and get into the action.

    1. The times when you walk into a bathroom stall that smells like a dead carcass-and then you have to walk OUT of the stall after doing your own business {as in pee, because that's obviously the only thing women do..minus the woman who was just in the stall before you} and you debate back and forth whether you should inform the person making their way into your stall, that the damage done was not from you.
    Clearly they aren't going to find you innocent in that situation.
    Unless you have a member of the Casey Anthony jury you are doing the explaining to-
    in which case, you might get lucky and they will buy your crap that it indeed it wasn't you.
    Pun intended with the word of crap.
    {I am classy}

    2. Overhearing a young girl ask her younger brother "Do you like to play with balls?! I have a whole purse full of balls...do you want to play with my purse full of balls?!"
    Okay, maybe you are right-it's probably just awkward because I giggled through the whole conversation like a little school girl who has never heard that word before.

    3. Going up to a "Mannequin" and you start petting their arm while saying complete
    non-sense to them. Oh, except the mannequin is a breathing woman who now has no idea why you are petting her.
    Been there, done that. It was weird.

    4. Answering the phone at work and instead of saying "This IS Erin"..
    I busted out with "This ISN'T Erin can I help you?!"
    Apparently I was in the mood for a guessing game that day.
    Person on the other end didn't feel like playing along-they ignored it.
    Game hater.

    5. Explaining to my friends how I am surprised Herbal Essence shampoo is making my hair feel greasy and being surprised because it is "The nice stuff".
    As in, I thought Herbal Essence was salon quality.
    I guess the $1.99 price tag should've given me a hint.
    Instead, my friends laughed in my face and couldn't believe I thought it was quality material.

    1. As you know, I've had a VERY stressful week going to back to back concerts.
    In order to recover, I made the decision a massage is necessary.
    You know...just to make sure I am prepped & primed for my back to back to concerts happening this weekend.
    So, insert tonight's plans.
    One hour of pure bliss.
    Ahhhhh.....I feel the tension releasing from my fist pounding arms already.

    2. Fair Food.

    Fair Friends.

    Fair Concerts.

    And of course Fair Attendees.
    3. Taking Glamour Shots with your father.
    I'm trying to think of some clever caption right now to type here.
    It's 7:28 am.
    Not happening.

    4. That fact that some of my favorite people are going to be decorating my sidebar soon showing off their blogs/shops.
    Wahhooooo. It's gonna be a party around these parts.
    Wanna get down with the rest of us?
    Click here and then scroll to the bottom.
    I'd love to have ya :)

    Welp, there ya have it.
    Another Awkward & Awesome completed.
    This is what, like the 1,283th done?
    Who knew way back when it would still be going on.
    I guess good things really do last ;)

    Happy Thursday Lovie Doves.



    Really Cool Blogs/New Hair/Sponsor Super SALE

    So I was totally hoping that somehow I would have a guest poster for today.
    I am in 110% slacker mode.
    Sue me.
    Totally not my fault though-I've been way too busy singing my brains out/eating elephant ears as promised...and easing the darn cramps I've got goin' on in my middle section if you catch my drift.
    {There I go again spilling the beans that it's that time of the month..
    I really need to stop feeling the need to share that on a monthly basis.
    Probably won't though...it somehow makes me feel like you are taking pity on me and will forgive me for having the lamest blog posts possible for a few days straight.}
    But because I don't have a guest poster, and I don't really the motivation to type..
    I'm going to share with you more blogs that are way cooler than mine.
    So that kinda makes up for it right?
    Now, tickle my fancy {and these blog owners} and go show em' some love.

    ...And the list could go on and on.

    PS. FINALLY, I got my hair done.
    It's about darn time let me tell ya.
    Wanna see?
    Peace out split ends. Your days are over.

    PPS. Guess who is now accepting Sponsors and is doing so in the cheapest fashion possible?!
    That's right.
    Are you looking to grow your blog/etsy shop?
    Look no further.
    In celebration of my 6 month Bloggiversary coming up...
    I am taking this blog to a whole new level.
    Meaning-I have decided to Sponsor a big time blog {cough:: The Shine Project::Cough}
    which happens to be sponsoring some huge time blogs.
    Oh ya know, just ones like The Daybook, Little Miss Momma, The Wiegands, and so on.
    What does this mean?
    This little bloggy blog of mine is about to become a lot more populated.
    After 6 months this little girl has been seen over 30,000 times and is getting new followers on a daily basis.
    Don't you want to be in on the action?
    In the month of August-you have your chance.
    For $5 you can have a large sidebar ad {250x173} over there on the right -->
    {Last time I checked, that's less than I spend on my lunch.}
    And if you wanna go all out-you can have the same size ad AND an individual guest post and/or giveaway for a measley $10.
    It's not gonna get cheaper than this people so take advantage now.
    All you have to do is email me at Livinginyellow@gmail.com.
    I can't wait to see your blog/shop grow to the size of a Sycamore tree.
    Really, I mean it.

    ....I promise to have an awesome {and awkward} post tomorrow.
    Please come back.
    I'll do my best to not disappoint.

    Sidenote: Did I really just ask for Sponsors in the same post that I mentioned I am on my period-showcased nearly 10,000 other blogs-and highlighted how lame my posts have been lately?
    You betcha.
    Don't ever say I don't know a thing or two about business ;)



    I Would Be Lieing If...

    I acted like I knew what I wanted to blog about today.
    So I'm not going to act.
    I'm just going to leave you with this thought....

    "If she didn't have anything to blog about today, why in the heck did she write a blog post?"

    And I would tell you this...

    "Good question.
    Except keep your thoughts to yourself because I don't have an answer."

    And then you would say something like "What a dumb response.."

    So then I would get all nervous and think
    "Oh shoot.
     Now I have to actually act like there was a point to the this whole blog post.
    Maybe I could tell them about how awesome my week is about to be?!?" 

    And then you would suddenly get all intrigued and be like
    "Omg...tell me about why your week is about to be so awesome!"

    So naturally, I would be like "Okay, okay..If you must know"

    And then I would jump at the opportunity to tell you about about why I am going nuts in my pants in excitement over it.
    {For the record, I did not say I have nuts in my pants....that's for those of you who read only parts of what I have to say..cough cough:: all you who thought I got a real tattoo over the weekend from yesterdays post..MOM ::cough cough}

    So here we go:

     Tonight I get to see this little cutie patootie:
    Easton Corbin.

    Tomorrow night I get to see this fancy little trio:
    The Band Perry

    [Thank you local County 4H Fair for that ridiculously cheap entertainment]

    Saturday I get to belt out the lyrics to my faaaavorite local
    (and by local I mean they started in Chicago and now live in Nashville..
    Oh but wait, I live in Indiana so scratch that whole local part) band:
    The August

    And come Sunday I am going to be falling in deeper love with this hottie:
    Keith Urban.

    And then you would soon realize that...
    "Oooooh, I get it.
    She is saving her voice {aka fingers}
     for these 4 amazing concerts she is going to be at..all within the next 6 days."

    And I would say
    "Yes, you are sooo right you genuius you!"

    And that would then solve the problem as to why I didn't have anything to write about today.

    Thank you for working that through with me.

    High five to you smarty pants.

    I knew there was a brain under that computer of yours.

    PS. In effort to actually have a good post to write today, I asked my husband for inspiration.
    He thought I should write something about the meaning of a dingle doof.
    I have yet to find the meaning.
    But when I do..you are in for a treat :)
    {I hope you have caught on by now that there is nothing normal between me and him}
    I kinda love it.



    Miscellaney Monday

    Hi there pip sqeaks.
    So glad you decided to make your way to this blog today.
    So I can share with you all my miscellaneous thoughts.
    That is what Mondays are for afterall.
    And the Bachelorette...
    where JP is clearly going to dominate.
    But that's for another post...
    Instead, we will jump into the complete randomness that is working in my brain today.

    1. So you know when you are driving and a bird is flying right in front of you?
    Is it possible that they could actually hit your car?
    Like seriously, have any of you ever had a bird just fly right into your windshield when you are cruising along?
    I would love to know...
    Just because it's really useful information and all.
    And because every braniac bird I almost hit, always manages to miraciously fly away, which leaves me pondering this question every.single.time.

    2. Lesson learned yesterday: Never go to Target when your sinus's are acting crazy.
    And by acting crazy I mean making your face feel like it is about to explode.
    This will cause you to not think clearly {like at all} and walk away with these purchases..
    {That wrapper? An individual piece of string cheese that didn't make it's way home}
    To make matters worse, I used a gift card that I received for my birthday on all of the above.
    Who in their right mind does that?
    That's why you should never go to Target without a right mind.
    Point proven folks.

    3. Okay so I have an obsession. It's called Yellow & Navy.
    It's also called wearing my new shorts and thrifted necklace.
    Boom Shacka Lacka.

    4. Why in the world do I allow my nails to grow out for two months straight,
     just to chew them off in a moment of boredom?
    Dumb. But very satisfying in that moment of boredom.

    5. Allow me to introduce you to my lunch yesterday:
    That puppy packs a whopping 1450 calories.
    At least I shouldn't have to eat for the next week...
    Oh wait, speaking of food, I am kinda hungry.
    {It's been an hour since I ate that meal...}
    And the stupid thing got on my white tank pictured up above.
    There is really nothing positive that came out of those 1450 calories.
    Chalk that one up to another lesson learned.
    Bite me steak N shake...
    I am never coming back
    {well, maybe..that Key Lime Milkshake I saw flaunted on your billboard today did look pretty delicious...}

    6. Oh you want to know what I did this weekend?
    Okay fine, if you must know...

    First off-the boys departed for Jimmy Buffet..
    Everybody say "Bye boys..please come back alive.."
    So then, my mom, sister, neice, and I went and had a lovely little lunch...
    Smelled some pretty flowers...
    Did a little thing I like to call "Wine Tasting"...Oh, well I guess that is what it is called.
    If we are gonna' be technical and all.
    After a few hours in the sun, my bestie and I decided to go get tatted up.
    You know, to match our gangsta lifestyle and all.
    Clearly stars and a little heart were the best choice. 
    {Totally airbrushed because I am a wimp like that}
    After making friends at the tattoo parlor, we enjoyed a delightful dinner full of complete girl talk, and ended the evening with a few coffees
    {complete with a delicious creamer called Baileys...} outside on a nice little patio.
    It was pretty magical.
    Oh and hey-the boys came back alive =)

    7. Last but not least, this blog is in total need of a makeover.
    I am so tired of the look...If anybody knows of a good blog designer, let me know.
    It's about to get serious around this joint.

    And that's a wrap.
    I've always wanted to say that on a set of a movie.
    I guess this is the best it's gonna get...
    Suppose I'll take it.

    Happy Monday Sweet Pickles