Work It Girl

This is an entry from my gratitude journal almost exactly a year ago from today.
Funny how I wound up in the same place once again.
I am in a rut and I am getting out of it..

Running and working out is something I have been passionate about over the past couple of years.
Noticed I say "have" been?
Somehow I managed to let the passion fizzle and there is not one happy {or strong} bone in my body okay with this fact.
Thankfully a dear blogger friend of mine is dedicating the month of June to becoming a better you on her blog.
Hallelujiah, praise the Lord, I think I found the motivation I need.
It has inspired me once again to break out the running shoes, pick up the hand weights, and get to town.
The benefits are SO worth it.

Just yesterday I was feeling so deprived of energy and really found myself being a boring person.
I hate boring.
So I thought to myself "self..you gotta kick it into high gear".
So that is just what I did-
I ran two miles on my lunch hour {nearly puked at the end..and did not shower before returning back to work, whatever..minor details},
Went to a FREE fitness class this evening where I thought my abs were going to miraciously make their way out of my body for punishing them so bad after just 30 seconds..
{local ladies email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com if you want in on this action.
Every Tuesday & Thursday night. Did I mention it is FREE?!},
and then convinced my husband to go on a walk with me afterwards.
I feel energized, I feel strong, and I feel like my butt is on fire.
And who doesn't want their butt on fire?
{Don't let the professional flourescent clothing fool you}

So here I am telling you {the entire universe}, that I am making a change.
I am dedicating myself to keep up this pattern, to do good things for my body,
 fuel it with the right nutrients, and treat it with the respect it so deserves :)
And then..then my friends, my journal entries will get back to looking like these:
I challenge you to do the same.

Cheers to strong bones, lean muscles, and six pack abs...
Or something of that sort :)

For more fabulous ideas on building a healthier you, visit:

Happy Weekend Booty Busters.



  1. WAY TO GO! Love your neon clothes :) I wear bright colors to the gym all the timeee. It just makes me feel better. I have been in a rut lately with going to the gym..I've still been running outside but slacking otherwise. CHANGING that today!!


  2. Yay, good for you! I have to reming myself of all those wonderful things on my way to the gym....almost everytime, haha, but it IS so worth it :)

  3. You are the cutest person ever, I can't tell you how much I love coming to your blog. I loved this post! I am not a runner myself but have recently found a dance fitness class that I love more than I've ever loved any sort of exercise. It feels really amazing to do good things for your body. My clothes are feeling better and I feel energized. Now to take on this clothing drive I emailed you about... ;)

    xoxo, Shelby

  4. Great job!! I LOVE this! I'm doing the same thing over on my blog. Lol and I love that last quote.

  5. You make me want to go run NOW! Unfortunately, I think I have shin splints :( of course just when I was starting to actually love running.

  6. Thanks for the inspiration girlie!! I myself, started running/walking this past week and back to doing ab ripper too. I was starving for more energy so this was the answer! *Note* I am NOT a runner so this is huge for me too:) Great you're getting back in the groove...even though you totally don't need it!!

  7. Great post!! I love love love your quote about lapping people on the couch! I am training for my first half marathon and have had a rough week of running, so I needed some good motivation for sure! Thanks for sharing!


  8. good job, girl!!! I've been in the same rut and have just recently gotten my bum back in gear myself!! go us!!!!!


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