Wishin' & Lovin'

So the other night I was grilling and I got a dose of blogger inspiration.
Funny where inspiration comes from sometimes right?
Anyhow I was cookin' up some chicken for moi, and some smelly piece of salmon for my man.
While I was gagging at the thought of the fish that was before my eyes I thought
"I wish I actually liked fish....but I love that I am head over heels for chicken.
Especially Chick-fil-a chicken.."
And that is when it hit me:
I need to do a series of  "Wishin' & Lovin" 

You see, wishing for things is not a bad thing.
It can motivate you-inspire you-change you...BUT..
too much wishing and not enough appreciating what you have can lead to a bad thing.
And that is where the Lovin' part comes in.

I want to think about things I wish for-but on the contrary, love the things/actions/that make me me.

Got it?

So expect to see this whole little series as a link-up party from here on out.
They can be serious-silly-random-whatever you want.
Just have fun with it.

And I'm thinking maybe this post will happen on Wednesdays.

Oh and hey-maybe someday you'll look back and some of those wishes will be a reality...
and even if they aren't, you will discover your loves along the way =)

I wish that I couldn't eat a whole bag of chips in one setting...but I love the crunch and saltiness of each and every chip that touches my tongue and the satisfaction that my belly feels afterwards.

{Good chance my baby will come out just like this. Creepy? Maybe. Happy in Chip Heaven. Absolutely.}

I wish I wasn't such a spontaneous shopper and gave a little more thought to each item that I purchase..but I love that I don't over analyze every decision and talk myself out of things that I would later regret not doing.

I wish that I had hair I could leave curly for a day if I felt like being lazy {or just to look like a cute curly haired girl}...but I love that it only takes me a few swipes of the straightener to have it look "done".

Yeah..I could totally go for those curls.

I wish I could sing like a superstar...but I love that I can give my husband and I a good laugh every morning in the bathroom at how foolish I sound and how extremely off key I am.

I wish that I didn't spill my coffee and tea more mornings than not..but I love that it no longer phases me or even puts a damper on my day. I've learned to just roll with it. And I am completely capable of having children now. Because I am sure that's all that it takes right-the ability to clean up spills?

{Good morning spill, nice to see you have decided to make your morning appearance}

There you have it friends and foe.
And by that I mean friends.
Simple right?

Now it's time to join the party.
Link up your "Wishin' & Lovin'"post below.
Put this button either on your sidebar or in your post.

And that's it.
Easy as pie.
Which reminds me..I should probably go buy one and then write about next week that I wish I didn't eat a whole pie.
One must do things to supply themselves with blogging material correct?
Whole pie here I come ;)

Adios lover beans.

PS. If you don't have a blog to link up-you can still leave a comment with something that you wish but you love ;) Try it. It will be fun..promise.

PPS. Remember on Monday how I said I am shortening my posts? FAIL.




    I wish I read this before I did my post for today. Next week, it is! You crack me up by the way..

    have a great day :)


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  3. I'm game!! What a wonderful idea!! I too already did my post today before I read yours but next Wednesday I'll join in!! :)

  4. please dont shorten your posts! I love them!!! I look for them daily:) That sounds kinda stalkerish, but really it isn't... :)


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