Sharing The Love {Coupon Love}

Goodness gracious, those Shopping Gods I mentioned earlier in the week will not stop shoving good deals in my face.
So I figured, I should probably shove them back in yours.
Unfortunately this is not quite as fun as the pie I requested to be thrown in my face a few years back for my birthday {true story}, but it's close.

Happy Shopping Thrifty Nifties.

$20 gift card to Old Navy for $10.
Count me in {if only I could buy 70 of these babies}:
$120 gift card for only $20 to be used on new shades:
Yes Please.
200 Empty Calories..For Free.
No Brainer.
Yes, it is Donut Day Friday, June 3rd..
Drive your booty to DD, purchase any drink of choice, and get a Donut for free.
We will go ahead and ignore the fact that my husband just pointed out it would be cheaper to just purchase a donut without a drink than to purchase a drink and get a free donut.
National Donut Day Hater.
I don't know how many times I have to say it, but boys do not understand.

Welp, I am now off to go delight in that free donut while driving to Old Navy with my new stunna shades on....
Or sit at my desk for 8 hours straight.
Happy Weekend To You.


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  1. What a fond memory... throwing a pie in your face for your birthday :). ONLY YOU would request such a gift... one of the many reasons I love ya! Also, "thrifty nifties"... clever.


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